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Aug 25 2020

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Destroy America

Sandy Cortez (or as she now calls herself, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) does not have much to complain about. She grew up in the hoity-toity Westchester town of Yorktown Heights, attended extravagantly expensive Boston University (currently $56,864 per year just for tuition), and after graduation found suitable employment.

Then she was recruited for Congress by the radical Justice Democrats. Ever since, she has waged war against her district and America in general. For example, she was instrumental in driving out a proposed Amazon headquarters that would have brought “at least 25,000-40,000 good paying jobs” to New York according to Andrew Cuomo. Her Green New Deal, if fully implemented, would plunge the USA into total economic collapse.

What does AOC have against a country that has treated her so well? Despite her leftist rhetoric, maybe she doesn’t hate America. Maybe she is just angry because no one will take her seriously:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has done a step-by-step tutorial of her makeup routine for Vogue — while lamenting it’s “so hard” to be treated seriously on Capitol Hill. …

“I used to think that I would be taken less seriously, and as the youngest woman in Congress and as a woman of color, it’s so hard to be taken seriously,” the 30-year-old Democratic socialist told Vogue magazine in the video clip, just before showing her gold glittery eyeshadow palette.

If the gold glittery eyeshadow palette doesn’t get people to take her seriously, reducing America to a subsistence-level hellscape reminiscent of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge ought to do the trick.

AOC … said she was doing the video because she finds empowerment in her makeup bag.

OAC can find empowerment in a makeup bag; think how much she could find in the radically authoritarian Green New Deal.

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