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May 09 2021

Why Moonbats Hate Mother’s Day

Moonbats hate Mother’s Day for the reason they hate all our holidays: it is an expression of a culture they are trying to destroy. Mother’s Day is even more unwoke than the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, because it directly conflicts with the antifamily agenda. Also, it undermines LGBT dogma, according to which there is no such thing as mothers, only “birthing people” — who might be men. Above all, motherhood is wholesome, so it must be defiled and destroyed in accordance with left-wing aesthetics.

Mark Dice reviews the woke case against Mother’s Day:

The rest of this is on the mark, but Dice ought to cut Ben Shapiro some slack. Shapiro is one of the few established media figures with the guts to call transsexuals by their proper pronouns; he understands that referring to Rachel Levine as “she” gives moonbats veto power over reality itself.

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