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Oct 12 2021

Why They Arrested Loudoun County Parent Scott Smith

The reason totalitarians like Merrick Garland want concerned parents to be treated as domestic terrorists if they speak up at schoolboard meetings is that they don’t want attention drawn to what liberal social engineers have been using their control of schools to inflict on children. The public must not learn that advancing the grotesque LGBT agenda by allowing boys into the girls’ restroom inevitably results in incidents like this:

On June 22, Scott Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia, school board meeting, a meeting that was ultimately deemed an “unlawful assembly” after many attendees vocally opposed a policy on transgender students.

What people did not know is that weeks prior on May 28, Smith says, a boy allegedly wearing a skirt entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.

Juvenile records are sealed, but Smith’s attorney Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, related to an incident that day at that school.

Smith’s daughter is a 9th grader at Stone Bridge High School. For political reasons, Loudoun County Public Schools tried to cover up the assault.

Smith understandably became enraged when a schoolboard apparatchik claimed that no assaults had occurred in any school bathroom. He was arrested after getting into a heated argument with a left-wing activist wearing a rainbow heart shirt who told him she didn’t believe his daughter. He was punched in the face, handcuffed, dragged out of the room with his pants pulled down, and charged with multiple misdemeanors.

Progressives hope his arrest will serve as a lesson to fathers tempted to complain when their daughters are raped by “gender fluid” freaks as a result of liberal policies:

Then Smith was demonized. As reported at BizPac Review,

The father has found himself at the center of what the National School Boards Association has claimed could be a form of “domestic terrorism” for speaking up and voicing his opinion during a meeting.

Media reports actually cast Smith as the villain.

There is no nuance now when it comes to fighting Democrats. This is good versus evil. Letting them win is not an option.

For more on what liberal elitists have been inflicting on children through the schools in wealthy Loudoun County, see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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