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Oct 20 2020

Why Voting for Trump Makes More Sense in 2020 than 2016

A lot of people will be voting for Trump in 2020 who did not vote for him in 2016. Ben Shapiro is one of them. He has three main reasons: (1) surprising some (including me), Trump has championed the conservative cause; (2) any damage his character issues might inflict has already been inflicted; and the clincher, (3) the Democratic Party has gone completely off the rails, having become dangerous in the extreme.

Regarding the personality issue, Andrea Widburg adds another defense:

[T]he same parts of Trump’s temperament that allow him, rightly, to challenge an unhinged and biased media are also what drives those tweets and fights. They’re a package deal.

Whether Trump has hurt the GOP among minorities is doubtful, despite the media shrieking for years (without justification) that he is a racist.

The bottom line is that even those who don’t like Trump have no choice but to vote for him if they do like living in a country recognizable as America.

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One Response to “Why Voting for Trump Makes More Sense in 2020 than 2016”

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