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Aug 23 2022

Why You Should Never Trust the Science

Democracy is a good thing, when it is shorthand for a constitutional republic. However, “our democracy” is not good at all, because it is Liberalese for Democrat rule. Similarly, science is great; combined with capitalism, it has enabled a standard of living unprecedented in world history. However, “the science” is a scourge, if you define this term as “pseudoscientific propaganda used in the service of leftist authoritarianism.” No one should ever trust the science:

Combine water with sewage and you get sewage. Combine science with leftist politics and you get the science. That’s why scientific research must not be reliant on government funding, which corrupts everything it touches.

Moonbattery — or as its adherents call it, “liberalism” — is a totalitarian ideology. In the long run, you cannot have both liberalism and science. But you can still have the science, because it is liberalism.

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2 Responses to “Why You Should Never Trust the Science”

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