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Sep 01 2022

Scientific American Tells Us We Like Climate Radicalism

As the name suggests, Scientific American was once a scientific publication. Then it succumbed to moonbattery. Now it churns out cartoonish left-wing propaganda, regarding itself to be safe from ridicule because like Anthony Fauci, it embodies The Science.

On behalf of the LGBT agenda, it has come out against identifying babies as male or female. On behalf of the Great Reset, it tells us that we like watching the US economy destroyed in the name of the global warming hoax.

Actual headline:

Climate Change Actions Are Far More Popular Than People in U.S. Realize

Never mind what you think you think. The Experts will tell you what you think as well as what everyone else thinks.

From the article:

A multibillion-dollar slate of moderate climate-mitigation measures in the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act has been met so far with general public approval. But a broader reaction to the historic federal action underlies the discourse: What took you so long?

During a time of stratospheric inflation, the Democrats flagrantly waste hundreds of $billions on frivolous crap that not a single reasonable person expects to have any perceptible impact on the supposedly problematic climate. Because this massive looting spree is certain to drive inflation significantly higher, they call it the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Note that dissipating a vast fortune that we cannot afford on inefficient, eagle-killing, taxpayer money-laundering wind turbine boondoggles and EV subsidies for rich moonbats is portrayed as “moderate.” Scientific American would prefer more radical measures — the kind likely to inflict total economic collapse, like the Green New Deal.

Adding insult to injury, we are told that we enjoy seeing our future canceled by corrupt scoundrels like Biden on behalf of laughable lies. The article even tells us that we like the Green New Deal.

Americans almost universally underestimate the extent of climate concern among their compatriots. They also underestimate the extent of public support—at the state and national level alike—for policy measures to address the climate emergency.

The point of the article is that if only we realized that everyone else wants society fundamentally transformed so that Big Government can control the weather, then the Great Reset could proceed.

Left unexplained is why we would underestimate other people’s support for radical measures in the name of pretending to control the climate when the media is run by ideologues who aggressively advocate these measures. Instead, we are told,

Major media outlets should probably give more coverage to public support for climate policies because people don’t seem to get how popular they are.

Evidently, the media relentlessly browbeating us for years on end with the hoax, twisting stories and fabricating nonsense to support Al Gore’s swindle, has been sufficient to convince us that there is a “climate emergency,” but not to convince us that everyone else is convinced.

This isn’t even bad science. It isn’t science at all. It is fanatics who want to destroy your way of life peeing on your leg and telling you that climate change is making it rain.

This is what moonbattery leaves of a long-respected publication. Anything it infiltrates, it renders pernicious and contemptible.

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