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Nov 25 2021

Wishing Moonbats a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and most especially to moonbats, because they need it more than most. A holiday celebrating the importance of gratitude is not the most cheerful time of the year for those devoted to cultural Marxism, an ideology constructed of endless contrived grievance.

Molly Jong-Fast, editor at large at the Daily Beast, eggs on her fellow progressives to exploit Thanksgiving dinner as an opportunity to instill leftist viewpoints in a piece ironically entitled, “Deprogram Your Relatives This Thanksgiving”:

Maybe you’ll change a heart or a mind. Or maybe you’ll need to report a relative to the FBI.

After encountering pushback to her obnoxious article on Twitter, she called the FBI herself on her critics, as if they were outraged parents sounding off at a school board meeting.

Happy Thanksgiving, Molly!

Ms. Jong-Fast isn’t the only wokester who could use some cheering up, having been triggered by this happy day:

Shout it out loud at the Thanksgiving table, moonbats: “Western Civilization brought nothing of value to the New World!” Then go live in the bushes like a Stone Age savage to prove that you mean it.

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