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Jul 17 2023

Woman May Be Put to Death for Having Anorexia

At least it will be voluntary. Canada isn’t a tyranny or anything. It won’t kill people for having anorexia unless they agree to it:

Lisa Pauli wants to die.

The 47-year-old has wrestled with the eating disorder anorexia for decades…

These days, Pauli says, she weighs 92 pounds and may go days without eating solid food. She says she is too weak to carry groceries home without stopping for breaks.

The government could give her a cheeseburger instead of killing her. But that would not help advance the agenda by granting bureaucrats the power of life and death. Also, cheeseburgers are offensive to the climate.

An expansion of the criteria for medically assisted death that comes into force in March 2024 will allow Canadians like Pauli, whose sole underlying condition is mental illness, to choose medically assisted death.

Canada legalized assisted death in 2016 for people with terminal illness and expanded it in 2021 to people with incurable, but not terminal, conditions.

Before long, Canada will execute people for having dandruff. Only if they agree to it, of course.

They’ll even do it to children:

[Canada’s Justice Minister, David] Lametti said the federal government is considering recommendations from a parliamentary committee to allow … “mature minors” – people under 18 deemed capable of making this decision – to access assisted death.

Canada’s government has offered death as a cure for PTSD, as a solution to poverty, and as an alternative to getting a wheelchair lift. Taxpayers provide a suicide hotline that instead of talking the desperate out of suicide, talks them into it.

Once you reject the value of human life, the slope gets slippery, as a California bill to allow abortion up to 28 days after birth confirms.

As leftism inevitably degrades the Canadian economy, those with chronic conditions will become an unsustainable burden on the socialized healthcare system. Increasing pressure will be applied for the sake of managing costs.

But don’t worry, there will always be a distinction between assisted suicide and execution. Progressives oppose capital punishment, so it was abolished in Canada.

In liberal utopia, Big Government won’t kill anyone who hasn’t been persuaded to ask for it. If they can persuade people to vote for Justin Trudeau, this should be child’s play.

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