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Dec 10 2022

Women Sacrificed to Transsexuals in Prisons

Leftists portray themselves as the protectors of women. However, the fair sex has been jilted in favor of transsexual men, who occupy a higher position in the cultural Marxist pyramid of power. Prisons offer an appalling example:

Women’s rights groups are warning of ever more male-to-female trans detainees serving time in women’s prisons, despite rising incidents of rape and other horrors in what were once women-only cellblocks. …

[O]fficials are letting some fakers serve their time in cushier women’s wings, where they can imperil female inmates.

This is done to placate the higher-ups in the Democrat establishment, for whom advancing the LGBT agenda is a top priority.

As usual with moonbattery, California takes the lead:

Tomiekia Johnson, 43, a former highway patrol officer who was jailed for 50 years for murdering her abusive husband, is among five prisoners suing over a California law that gives trans inmates the right to choose either men’s or women’s facilities.

Thanks to that law, Johnson in court papers describes sharing the block with a ‘gigantic, tall, physically scary-looking, non-feminine, bizarre, creepy’ trans inmate at Central California Women’s Facility, in Chowchilla. …

In California, natal male detainees need only ‘self-identify’ as women to request transfers, and do not need to be taking hormones or get surgery. Most keep their male genitalia, some even sport beards.

According to Women’s Liberation Front, a third of “trans women” in California prisons are there for committing sex crimes. Rape can be expected.

They also point to a 2011 Swedish study, which found that man-to-woman transitioners retain a ‘male level of criminality’, meaning they are more prone to crime, including violent offenses, than women, even after taking hormones or undergoing surgery.

Other Democrat-dominated states are not far behind. Readers may recall Demi Minor, who recently impregnated two female prisoners in New Jersey.

The depraved lunacy oozes down from the top:

For federal institutions, the Biden administration in January restored Obama-era guidelines to allow for ‘placements that align with an inmate’s gender identity’ — a policy that had been rescinded by the Trump administration in 2018.

If a criminal with mental problems says he is a tiger, it stands to reason he should be incarcerated at the zoo. The only difference is that the real tigers would attack him. Placing men in women’s prisons, it’s the other way around.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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