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Jul 30 2022

World Economic Forum: No More Private Cars or Phones

Independent transportation is crucial to liberty. That’s why progressives adore public transportation. It is why only Inner Party members will have private cars when the Liberal World Order has finished imposing utopia:

The World Economic Forum is calling for a global transition … away from private ownership of vehicles and other “idle equipment” in order to make a “clean energy revolution” possible.

It would be easy to laugh at the arrogant Dr Evil lookalike Klaus Schwab, except that his sinister WEF increasingly appears to be in the driver’s seat. Consider ostensible world leaders like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Mark Rutte. Which do they seem more responsive to, the needs of their people or the demands of Klaus Schwab?

Even the WEF acknowledges that left-wing “clean energy” fantasies will require more of certain metals than the planet has to offer. This is especially problematic because the WEF disapproves of mining. The solution: you can’t have your own car anymore.

Metals like cobalt, lithium and nickel are used not only in climate cult foolishness like electric cars and wind turbines, but also in phones and computers. So we will have to go without those too.

The [WEF] argues that private ownership of vehicles and electronic devices is wasteful and inefficient.

You will own nothing and you will be happy. Oligarchical collectivists actually mean this. How they plan to force us to be happy is unclear. Maybe Pfizer is working on pharmaceutical lobotomies that can be mandated or put in the drinking water.

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