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Jan 14 2022

Yahoo Suppresses “Let’s Go Brandon”

As noted below, Big Tech is only too happy to obey Biden’s command that it censor on behalf of the Democratic Party. Silicon Valley came through for the Dems in 2020. It is doubling down in 2022. Yahoo has even forbidden the dissident rallying cry, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Fox News reports:

Yahoo is rejecting a digital ad from Republican Senate candidate Jim Lamon for touting the widely-used anti-Biden expression.

Watch the ad our Big Tech overlords don’t want you to see before YouTube squashes it too:

Squeaks an apparatchik at the Yahoo division of MiniTrue:

“We would not be able to approve this ad due to the use of ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ which would be considered overly inflammatory and offensive.”

This comes from the side of the aisle that poses with prop severed heads meant to resemble Donald Trump.

“Let’s Go Brandon” is a euphemism. Yet it is suppressed by people who speak Euphemese (“abortion” for killing unborn babies, “critical race theory” for antiwhite race hate, “equity” for communism, “mostly peaceful protests” for left-wing riots, “voting rights” for facilitating election fraud, etc.).

One reason Let’s Go Brandon has gotten so much traction is that it defies not only Biden and his party, but the information gatekeepers without whose assistance Democrats could not maintain power. It was born when NBC’s Kelli Stavast attempted to gaslight us by claiming that a NASCAR crowd in Talladega was chanting it, when we could hear with our own ears that they were chanting “F*** Joe Biden.” No wonder LGB hits such a nerve with the termites at Yahoo.

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