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Mar 27 2023

Yeonmi Park Offers Progress Report for Progressives

The best way to gauge the progress progressives have made is to compare the current state of the USA to North Korea, where statism has been taken to its last extreme. Yeonmi Park grew up there before escaping to the West, only to find herself back amid leftists. Liberals will be encouraged by her progress report.

Regarding her experience at Columbia University,

“They were demonising capitalism, free markets and Western civilisation. Anything that was white was bad,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe it. This is the same thing that I was learning in a North Korean classroom“.

Americans still enjoy cushy lives compared to the inmates North Korea…

“But what I am pointing out is the similarities with what is happening in America. And that is scary and that is where Americans are not understanding,” she said.

Inevitably, living standards will catch up with ideology, as Democrat economic policy has begun to illustrate.

Already, our state ideology has surpassed North Korea’s for sheer lunacy:

“For instance, professors have to say that genders were a social construct made up by white men to oppress minorities.

“In North Korea, we believe that men cannot get pregnant, they cannot breastfeed… In Columbia [if you say that], you are a bigot.”

Stand by for a blast of irony:

[W]hen she pushed back on discussions around gender, a professor told her she had been “brainwashed”.

Park wanted to study human rights, but found that the term has been coopted to mean its opposite, like the word “liberalism”:

“For these people, human rights means free education, free health care, universal income, free housing – which means a socialist state,” she said.

“In North Korea, the regime promises the same thing.”

North Koreans had leftism imposed on them by force. Here, fools choose it voluntarily. That’s what it means to be brainwashed.

“Human rights doesn’t mean these free things… Free [to me] means that you have a right to pursue happiness, the right to start your own business, the right to practice your own religion and freedom of speech.”

Nice to see we still have Americans in this country, even if we have to important them from North Korea.

What young Americans have to look forward to if leftism prevails.

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