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Sep 23 2020

Zillionaire Leftists Try to Buy Felon Vote in Florida

As you can tell by the phony rhetoric about defending the middle class, the Democratic Party is an alliance against the middle class. It consists of the liberal elite and the underclass that it farms for votes. Never has this been more obvious than in Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to buy Florida for his fellow liberal elitist Joe Biden.

Via Fox News:

$16 million is pouring into Florida from billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who pledges to pay the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 Black and Hispanic convicted felons who have been hindered from voting.

Bloomberg hopes the initiative will remove the red tape for the approximately 1 million felons in Florida, who, if allowed, would likely vote Democrat in the upcoming election.

That they can count on felons to vote overwhelming in their favor tells you all you need to know about Democrats.

The state’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, previously signed a bill which stipulates that felons must pay all fines, restitution, and other legal financial obligations before their sentences could be considered fully served, and allow them to participate in voting.

So Bloomberg steps up with his wallet, to make the world more like the way felons would want it to be. Democrats have already accomplished this at the local level in places like New York, Seattle, and Portland, where criminals largely have the run of the streets thanks to liberal hegemony.

Florida is a key swing state that could decide the election.

Bloomberg previously announced he’d be investing $100 million to Florida alone in an effort to get Biden elected. The money allocated to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to pay off debts by the state’s felons is a separate sum from Bloomberg’s original pledge.

Yet we have to listen to these people screech about how they are standing up to big money in politics.

Biden’s campaign had been dramatically outspending the Trump team to run ads in Florida and other key battlegrounds.

There’s no shortage of money among socialists. Consider how well Nicolas Maduro lives as Venezuela starves and you will see the appeal socialism has for the rich.

Bloomberg, who recently spent nearly $1 billion trying to buy the Democrat nomination, is not the only pernicious moonbat with deep pockets. Another is the allegedly racially put-upon LeBron James, who has amassed $480 million in the land of his oppression by playing a game.

From elsewhere on Fox News:

LeBron James and the Florida Rights Restoration are reportedly sending text messages to residents for the purpose of forwarding them to convicted felons, according to Outkick the Coverage.

Outkick reported that James and the group are offering to pay for fines and fees so felons can vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

If wishing really hard works, Trump will be reelected despite all their money and will make a trade deal with China that forces the commies to take their friend LeBron James.

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