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Mar 12 2022

$1.5 Trillion Spending Blowout Bloated With Earmarks

Imagine if a mob of “mostly peaceful” scumbags pulled up their pants and put on ties. Instead of looting the local Target in the name of Black Lives Matter, they might loot you — in an unrestrained spending spree that ignores impending economic doom. This week’s $1.5 trillion blowout marks what the Wall Street Journal calls “the triumphant return of spending earmarks”:

[T]he omnibus contains no fewer than 367 pages of pet projects that lawmakers earmarked for their home state or district. The Members brought home the bacon for some 5,000 separate earmarks at a cost of $9.7 billion. Democrats accounted for most of the projects, but a sizable number of Republicans joined in the fun.

Voting Republican will not necessarily put a stop to the looting spree. The Swamp must be drained — and this time for real — before our savings are drained of value through inflation, which is the inevitable result of excessive government spending.

Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) offered an amendment to stop earmarks. It was defeated 35-64. Only one Democrat (Jon Tester of Montana) voted in favor of the amendment. Sixteen so-called Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, sided with Democrats by voting against it.

Examples of how they waste the wealth we work hard to create include:

$3 million for a new museum in Houston on the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi; $1.6 million for the development of “equitable growth of shellfish aquaculture” in Rhode Island; $10 million to remove a hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska, and millions more for everything from lobster pots to soccer fields to artist lofts.

Good thing the inflation that started shooting through the stratosphere with Biden taking power is now Putin’s fault. That means the looting spree can continue without public pushback, as the value of our savings is dwindled down to nothing.

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