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Mar 13 2022

Biden “I Did That” Stickers Spread Like “Let’s Go Brandon”

Just as Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, the steep increase in gasoline prices that began with Biden’s ascension to power over a year ago has always been caused by Russia invading Ukraine late last month; just ask Biden. It has nothing to do with his relentless war against the American energy industry, which he launched on his first day in office and which has continued to the present, just as inflation in general has nothing to do with the grotesquely excessive wasteful spending that has characterized the federal government since Democrats took control. Yet still we see these stickers:

The stickers are popular even in left-leaning New York:

Decals of a finger-pointing President Biden, with the words “I did that!” in big, bold print, have been appearing on fuel pumps across the country — including New York City — as gasoline prices skyrocket.

Liberals bark at us to believe that it is Putin rather than Biden who made gasoline unaffordable. Some fail to comply:

“I don’t go for the Democrats. They make it seem like they got the backs of minority people, but in reality, they’re just in it for themselves,” said Vincent Williams, 29, a black Harlem resident who said he could only afford to put $15 in his tank — which these days barely buys three gallons. “The rise in gas prices is B.S.”

Blaming it on Russia when Democrats have been systematically driving up energy prices on purpose for an entire year in accordance with their ideology is the ultimate BS. Leftists believe that if we produce our own energy, it will have a harmful effect on global temperatures; so they want us to buy energy from our enemies like Iran and Venezuela instead. They believe that when gasoline prices have been driven high enough, we will drive inefficient electric vehicles. This will somehow benefit the climate, according to liberal doctrine.

If we freed ourselves from moonbat rule, we would actually benefit from high energy prices, because we would be exporting rather than importing.

The best thing about the stickers is that they cause liberals to blow their tops. Leftists are accustomed to controlling the narrative. The stickers get under their skin the way “Let’s Go Brandon” does, by reminding them that despite their control of the media, they will never achieve absolute control of public opinion.

Surprisingly, Amazon is still selling the stickers.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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