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Mar 17 2022

Dems Want to Make “Stimulus” Payments Quarterly

The impending midterms compel Democrats to halfheartedly acknowledge that the skyrocketing inflation their spending has caused isn’t good. Biden has even tried to blame it on Vladimir Putin. But last week’s $1.5 trillion omnibus porkfest blowout proves that they have no intention of lightening up on the accelerator. If they aren’t stopped in the midterms, inflation will get much worse, and it will be made permanent:

On March 10, a group of Democrats introduced legislation that would provide more stimulus money for Americans. Like the payments authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act in 2021, these payments would likely go directly into American’s bank accounts. The money would be sent out quarterly, aiming to help people cope with rising gas costs.

Hold on, it gets crazier:

The proposed bill would impose a new tax on large oil companies. The tax would equal 50% of the difference between what a barrel of oil costs today, and the average price of a barrel of oil between 2015 and 2019. The money collected would then fund stimulus payments.

You read that correctly. They want to address rising energy prices by raising taxes on energy companies. When all you have is a hammer…

The bill was cosponsored by top Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren and the de facto POTUS on economic matters, Bernie Sanders. Unsurprisingly, these Marxists blame rising prices on capitalists taking profits.

When raising taxes on the energy companies they have been crippling fails to finance the handouts, they will crank up the printing presses another notch, further increasing costs. The quarterly handouts will need to be raised accordingly. Before long the payments will have to be made weekly and then daily to keep pace with rising prices. Democrats will win every election by promising a larger daily increase.

The $30 trillion debt the federal government has already run up will be easy to pay off, once the dollar has been reduced to Monopoly money. Once other countries drop it as the world reserve currency, it will become as worthless as a politician’s promise.

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