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Feb 06 2023

A Few Months in Jail for Raping Small Children

Social justice means more than racial violence. It also means letting criminals run free to wreak havoc, because punishing crime would have a disparate impact. From moonbattery-addled Minnesota:

A 20-year-old man convicted in a Minnesota court of criminal intercourse with two girls, aged four and nine, will spend a maximum of 176 days in jail.

There is little question of his guilt:

Mohamed Bakari Shei entered a type of plea allowed under Minnesota law in December 2022 that maintains his innocence while acknowledging the evidence against him would lead to a conviction by a jury if the case went to trial. …

At the sentencing hearing, one of Shei’s victims gave a statement about the impact the attacks from the defendant had had on her life. “There is no moving on or getting over it. I’ve tried,” she stated.

In contrast, Shei should have no trouble moving on and getting over it. With good behavior, he gets out in 116 days. He will not be required to register as a sex offender against children in the state registry.

A family member of the second victim spoke directly to Shei at the sentencing hearing, telling him that he would “answer” for the violent assaults that caused the child to become detached and introverted.

If Shei ever does answer for his behavior, it will likely be on an extralegal basis.

Regarding the racial violence component of social justice, punishment has been meted out in the horrifying beating of a 9-year-old white girl on a school bus in Homestead, Florida:

A student was given a civil citation after cellphone video showed a third grader being brutally beaten on a school bus in Miami-Dade.

A “civil citation” does not sound like anything seriously intended to prevent the incident from recurring.

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