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Jan 13 2022

Accidents Are Racist

When slum-dwellers set their buildings on fire with space heaters, who is to blame for the resulting deaths? White racists, of course. NBCBLK confirms it:

As leaders shift blame from electric space heaters to overcrowded housing in the wake of deadly fires in both the Bronx, New York and Philadelphia, experts say the true culprit is poor residential conditions and the racism rife in the nation’s urban planning and infrastructure decisions.

An “expert” is an ideologue cherry-picked by the media to express the desired viewpoint:

“Racism influences almost every way to die by accident in America, and it has for a long, long time,” said Jessie Singer, a journalist and author of “There Are No Accidents.” “I looked as far back as 1900, and Black people die by accident at a higher rate than white people, all accidents total. Accidents are supposed to be unpredictable, unpreventable events. If that were true, accidental deaths would be randomly distributed across the U.S., but it’s not.”

No accidents. If a black person slips and falls in the shower, it is because a white person made the floor slippery, just to be mean.

This also applies to traffic accidents:

Black people are more likely than white people to die in traffic accidents because, among other causes, Black neighborhoods are less likely to have crosswalks, warning signs and other safety mechanisms.

The solution is more government spending on “infrastructure.”

Singer noted that accidental fires are yet another way Black people are vulnerable to infrastructure failures promoted by systemic racism.

Nothing bad could ever happen to blacks that would be a result of their own behavior. To even suggest it would be racist. Therefore, they are helpless. All they can do is wail in despair until Big Government solves their problems for them.

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