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Nov 22 2022

Adam Kinzinger Blames Bots for Free Speech Support

No wonder Adam Kinzinger is every moonbat’s second-favorite Republican after Liz Cheney. He is so hostile to free speech that he suggests the Twitter poll according to which former president and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump should be allowed to express his opinion in the public square was rigged:

Note that the liberal media presents the unsupported assertion that Trump incited violence as if it were an uncontested fact.

When leftists complain about bots on Twitter and the context is Trump, a link to the Russian bogeyman is often implied.

Less humorous than his weepy performance during the January 6 circuses are Kinzinger’s attempts to start World War III with his demented belligerence toward Russia.

Kinzinger was wise not to run for reelection. He would have gotten the same drubbing in the primaries Cheney received.

The moist-eyed, mollusk-like creature will not admit that he is a Democrat and formally switch parties for the same reason this is not an option for the “conservative” stooges you see on CNN. It would defeat the purpose of their careers, because if they can’t say, “Even I as a Republican admit that all Republicans are lice,” they would serve no purpose to the liberal overlords whose hands they are paid to lick.


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