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Apr 19 2024

Police Shut Down Conservative Conference in Brussels

Brussels is the de facto capital of the European Union. The city has fallen to Europe’s worst enemies, both external and internal. Consequently:

Police descended upon a Brussels conference venue on Tuesday morning on the orders of local mayor Emir Kir to prevent a political conference from taking place. Delegates and speakers who had not yet made it into the building were blocked from entering… The conference is slated to feature a range of political speakers including Brexit leader Nigel Farage, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, former UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman, and other conservative thinkers and legislators.

Such speakers are regarded as offensive to the Islamoleftist alliance as personified by the socialist Turk Emir Kir.

Former French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour was among those physically prevented from entering the conference venue.

Zemmour accused Brussels municipal mayor Emir Kir of being “close to the Turkish Islamists” and using the police as “a private militia” to shut down discussion.

As noted by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Belgian constitution. Apparently this document does still apply even in colonized Brussels:

A conservative conference in Brussels has resumed after a court overturned the local mayor’s order to shut it down. …

The Mayor of Brussels justified the order to ban the conference to “guarantee public safety”, adding “the far right is not welcome”.

Extrapolating from current trends, such a conference will be inconceivable in Europe in the coming decades.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 08 2024

Shutting Down Mis-/Disinformation in South Africa

All we have to do to reach liberal utopia is follow behind South Africa. Here’s how it deals with misinformation/disinformation:

In a notice published in the Government Gazette on 22 March, the FPB [Film and Publication Board] has attempted to prescribe new regulations governing misinformation and disinformation in South Africa.

According to the FPB, an untrue communication is disinformation if you know it isn’t true and misinformation if you think it is true.

Who determines what you think? The government. Who determines whether something is true? The government.

Anyone found guilty of distributing such prohibited content faces a fine of up to R150,000 and zero to two years imprisonment.

R150,000 = US $8,066.

Internet Service Providers who learn that their services were used to disseminate disinformation or misinformation face fines of up to R750,000 and five years in prison if they don’t notify the FPB within 30 days.

R750,000 = US $40,330.

ISPs can’t pretend they don’t know about thoughtcrime conveyed on their platforms, because there is no shortage of eagle-eyed liberals eager to rat them out, as when lost almost all of its advertising revenue because it was evidently denounced to Google AdSense, Taboola, etc. as a platform for dissident opinion.

The FPB then also attempts to extend its powers regarding registration and other obligations of Internet service providers over platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Google.

Talk about chilling free speech — no wait, don’t talk about it. You might say something the government disagrees with and get fined and/or imprisoned. The rest of the West is not far behind South Africa — which in turn is not far behind Zimbabwe.

Even in the Rainbow Nation, there is still vestigial resistance:

Media Monitoring Africa, the South African National Editors Forum, the Campaign for Free Expression, the Press Council of South Africa, and the SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition have served the FPB with an ultimatum to withdraw the notice or face legal action.

However, the FPB is not backing down. What are lovers of freedom going to do, elect non-leftists? Demographics make that inconceivable.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 06 2024

Still Okay to Hate Whites in Scotland

Scotland has taken the lead over Canada in the race to absolute tyranny with a new law making it illegal to offend members of favored groups like sexual deviants and nonwhites. Does this law against “stirring up hatred” apply to those who are racist against the Scottish people? Let’s find out:

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf is a vocal proponent of his nation’s new hate crime law… According to the BBC, thousands of complaints had been made under the new law’s provisions … within hours of it taking effect. The news outlet also reported that a large number of the complaints were against Yousaf himself, mostly relating to a 2020 speech he gave while serving as Justice Secretary.

This moonbat really hates Scotsmen:

Allowing Europeans to hold important positions in a European country is a violation of the principles of DEI.

Will Yousaf be punished for stirring up hatred? Not likely:

Scottish police responded to the large number of complaints, telling the BBC that they had already looked into Yousaf’s comments back in 2020 and had determined that there was nothing criminal about what he said.

Liberal tolerance is selective, as Christians can confirm. Liberal intolerance of stirring up hatred is selective too.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Mar 19 2024

Ketanji Brown Jackson Figures Out First Amendment

It is easy to dismiss Ketanji Brown Jackson as a dim-witted DEI hire, but she must be smarter than she seems, having figured out the purpose of the Constitution. She complains that it has been “hamstringing” government attempts to repress us:

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson asked Lousiana Solicitor General Benjamin Aguiñaga during oral arguments Monday on Murthy v. Missouri (formerly Missouri v. Biden) when the federal government should be allowed to “compel or encourage” social media platforms to censor speech that is “threatening… from the government’s perspective.”

Compelling or encouraging the suppression of speech that the government finds threatening is the definition of censorship. The purpose of the First Amendment is to protect us from it.

“My biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways,” Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson said. “Some might say that the government actually has a duty to take steps to protect the citizens of this country, and you seem to be suggesting that that duty can not manifest itself in encouraging or even pressuring platforms to take down harmful information.”

Who decides when information is “harmful”? Authoritarian apparatchiks like Ketanji Brown Jackson. Harmful to whom? Them, not us.

On tips from Bluto and Htos1av.

Mar 03 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

Feb 09 2024

Mark Steyn Forced to Pay $1 Million for Disputing Hoax

The liberal lawfare strategy may put an end to free speech. Leftist apparatchik Michael Mann — best known for his involvement in fabricating Al Gore’s false hockey stick graph and in the ClimateGate scandal — sued Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn for publicly observing that he is a fraud. Yesterday, a jury in the District of Corruption commanded Steyn to pay $1 in compensatory damages for the suffering Mann allegedly endured — and $1 million in punitive damages, essentially for committing heresy against left-wing climate doctrine.

Usually the process is the punishment. The esteemed countermoonbat Steyn was dragged through the courts for 12 years as punishment for criticizing the liberal establishmentarian Mann. But that was insufficient to silence debunkers of the global warming hoax, so now a $1 million fine has been added.

According to the sort of jury you might expect in DC, this is worth $1 million:

The case involved blog posts that Simberg and Steyn made over a decade ago criticizing Mann’s science and his “hockey stick” graph, which shows global temperature spiking over the last century or so. In his post on CEI’s website, Simberg accused Mann of molesting and torturing his data, and made a crude analogy between Penn State University’s investigation of Mann and its investigation of Jerry Sandusky, the school’s former football coach convicted of child molestation.

In his post on the Corner section of National Review‘s website, Steyn distanced himself from the Sandusky analogy, but added that “he has a point.” He wrote that “Mann was the man behind the fraudulent climate-change ‘hockey-stick’ graph, the very ringmaster of the tree-ring circus,” a reference to climate data obtained through the analysis of tree rings.

Displaying the mind-numbing hypocrisy that characterizes moonbats, the malicious, spiteful, vengeful, and obviously left-wing jury proclaimed that this constituted “maliciousness, spite, ill will, vengeance, or deliberate intent” to harm Mann.

Freed from the restraints that self-respect imposes on nonliberals, Mann employed crybully tactics, whimpering that Steyn’s criticism affected him emotionally and that someone gave him a “mean look that expressed revulsion” at a supermarket, which he somehow linked to Steyn.

Lest anyone doubt that the point of this was to silence political speech,

The verdict comes after Mann’s lawyer, John Williams, was admonished by the court for telling the jury during closing arguments that they could award Mann punitive damages to not only “punish” Steyn and Simberg, but to “serve as an example to prevent others from acting in the same [manner].”

“These attacks on climate science have to stop, and now you have the opportunity,” Williams said, receiving objections from both Steyn and Simberg’s attorney.

“Climate science” is Liberalese for the hoax Mann doctored data to prop up.

The Supreme Court will presumably overrule this ham-fisted attack on the First Amendment. But if Democrats remain in power long enough to appoint more Sonia Sotomayor types, the court will no longer serve as a brake on leftist tyranny.

For the conspicuously odious Michael Mann, the suit was personal:

In a 2012 email, Mann wrote that he hoped to use the lawsuit to “ruin” Steyn, whom he referred to as a “pathetic excuse for a human being.” Mann also wrote in private exchanges that there was “a possibility that I can ruin National Review,” which he referred to as “this filthy organization,” a “threat to our children,” and beholden to “greedy fat cat corporate masters.”

National Review — a platform for speech Mann wants silenced — was originally targeted too but ended up getting dropped from the suit.

Look at the bright side. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) wants people thrown in prison for disputing global warming doctrine. At least we aren’t there yet — though we probably will be soon if Democrats prevail in November.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 30 2024

Liberal Establishment Comes Down on Jordan Peterson

As Canada slides deeper into totalitarianism, the liberals in charge are ever less willing to tolerate dissidents like clinical psychologist, professor emeritus, and online educator Jordan Peterson. Mary Anastasia O’Grady sounds the alarm:

According to Ontario court documents, he’s been the subject of complaints since 2018 about his public statements “on topics of social and political interest, including transgender questions, racism, overpopulation, and the response to COVID-19, among others.” The complainers—none of whom seem ever to have been his patients—mainly tweeted their objections to the provincial licensing board known as the College of Psychologists of Ontario.


The board’s job is to regulate for competence, not for political views.

However, the board is part of the liberal establishment. That means its true primary purpose is to impose leftism.

In March 2020, the board warned Peterson about his “manner and tone.” Then…

In August 2022 the board wrote to Mr. Peterson on behalf of its panel of investigators about his “demeaning, degrading and unprofessional” public statements and the “harm” they could cause people. He could solve the problem, the bureaucrats said, if he would agree to attend a re-education camp of its choosing.

Peterson’s allegedly problematic manner and tone are generally thoughtful and professorial. But he is no coward. He declined to submit to demeaning political indoctrination. The board proclaimed that this refusal “may constitute professional misconduct.”

Canadian courts sided with the board, meaning that he might lose his professional credentials over thoughtcrime like this:

Court documents cite instances of name-calling politicians and his refusal to use pronouns other than those that correspond to biological sex. In May 2022, court documents say, “he commented on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover with a plus-sized model, tweeting: ‘Sorry. Not Beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.’”

Liberals helpfully underscored his point by attempting to silence him.

The establishment’s main problem with Peterson is not that he is an articulate opponent of its ideology, but that he is unwilling to cower in submission.

This makes him a problem for the mob and a danger to a system that relies on cultural repression to advance its agenda.

In a free society, even those who disagree with Peterson would acknowledge his right to his opinion. Canada — the moribund canary in the coalmine of moonbattery — is not a free society.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 18 2024

NBC Censors Profession of Faith by Houston Quarterback

It isn’t only individual moonbats like Joy Reid and Rob Reiner who are intolerant toward Christians. To the extent they are moonbats, they are not individuals, but components of a borg known as the Liberal Establishment. The whole borg hates Christians — so much so that NBC censors expressions of faith from players like Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud:

Here’s the uncensored version:

Too bad for NBC Sports that it came along too late to cover feeding Christians to lions at the Coliseum.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.

Jan 06 2024

Experts: Accept Official Information Unquestioningly

Covid tyranny and the global warming hoax have subordinated science to government interests. Scientists find what the bureaucrats directly or indirectly funding them want them to find. At this point they are not subtle about it:

Conventional wisdom suggests that searching online to evaluate the veracity of misinformation would reduce belief in it. But a new study by a team of researchers shows the opposite occurs: Searching to evaluate the truthfulness of false news articles actually increases the probability of believing misinformation.

We can trust their results, because the Experts used the left-wing propaganda tool NewsGuard to evaluate the legitimacy of online information.

Seriously, they appointed NewsGuard arbiter of objective truth:

The study’s source credibility ratings were determined by NewsGuard, a browser extension that rates news and other information sites in order to guide users in assessing the trustworthiness of the content they come across online.

They might as well have used the cartoonishly liberal government outlets NPR and PBS. NewsGuard heavily favors state-affiliated media.

[T]he authors found that the act of searching online to evaluate news led to a statistically significant increase in belief in misinformation.

In other words, the more you learn on your own about a subject, the less likely you are to believe the official narrative. Sounds plausible.

Actually, it sounds so obvious that the Experts needn’t have bothered studying the matter. But they have salaries to justify and grants to obtain.


Do not attempt to look into matters on your own. The government has determined what is best for you to believe. It will tell the Experts, who will tell the media, who will tell you. Your eyes and ears deceive you. If information has not been approved by authorities, it is misinformation — which will soon be illegal.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 15 2023

Haley Gets Scary on Free Speech

Come for the nasty insults, warmongering, and firehose of wasteful foreign aid. Stay with the Nikki Haley campaign for the suppression of free speech:

Haley declared that social media users should all “be verified by their name.”

She suggested that such a move would eliminate Russian, Chinese, and Iranian bots and lead to increased civility because people would know that their name would be associated with their posts.

Hysteria over Russian bots on the Internet isn’t just for Democrats anymore. Haley says remaining anonymous online to prevent getting canceled by tolerant liberals for expressing dissenting opinions is a “national security threat.”

Here’s what the only serious alternative to Trump says:

On tips from Wiggins, Chris Neilson, and KirklesWorth.

Oct 04 2023

State of Liberal Discourse

Obtaining their opinions by watching Democrat Party mouthpieces figuratively masturbate on TV has influenced the way young liberals make their point:

Left-wing protesters exposed themselves and even masturbated on camera in an attempt to derail the “Black Conservatism: The Past, Present, and Future” event at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Saturday.

Janitors be forewarned. The next stage of liberal discourse may entail dropping trousers and defecating on the floor.

“Whoa!” speakers can be heard yelling on a video of the event as a man exposed himself on the event’s Zoom link and began masturbating before organizers could shut down the feed. A few minutes before, another protester screamed “F** you!” and called the speakers “f****ts” repeatedly.

The event featured black conservatives Kali Fontanilla, Diante Johnson, Dr. Wilfred Reilly, Dr. Carol Swain, and Bob Woodson, whose existence undermines liberal doctrine.

UW-Madison law professor Ryan Owens organized the event. He laments:

“They disagreed with our speakers and they sought to shut them down. One person spoke reprehensible things over the audio feed before we shut it down; at the same time, others used the chat feature to write horrible things.

“Then, at least one man exposed his genitals to the camera. Those actions forced us to shut down the entire online feed and operate in-person only.”

That is to say, the tactic was largely successful, but the thuggery will need to intensify to prevent dissidents from speaking at all.

Liberal language alert.

On a tip from seaoh.

Sep 22 2023

Tim Ballard and Russell Brand Get #MeTooed

Great news; the hero who inspired the best movie to come out in ages may run for the Senate seat to be vacated by liberal RINO Mitt Romney:

Tim Ballard made the announcement during an appearance on the digital show of former Trump White House press secretary Sean Spicer, where he said he had been approached by numerous “influential people” for weeks about a potential run before Romney announced Wednesday he would not be running for re-election.

Let’s provide context for the rest of the story:

YouTube suspended actor and comedian Russell Brand from making money on the platform on Tuesday, days after several women accused him of sexual assault over a decade ago in what Brand has called a “coordinated attack.”

Brand was a member in good standing of the liberal establishment. Then he starting expressing unorthodox views on issues like Ukraine and the Jab. Now,

Brand’s channel with 6.6 million subscribers has been suspended from monetization “following serious allegations against the creator,” YouTube said. …

Brand’s other smaller channels with several hundred thousand subscribers were also suspended from monetization.

The power to cut off revenue is the power to silence.

Brand also makes money as a stand-up comedian. But promoters have postponed his shows in light of the unproven and most likely politically motivated allegations.

At least Rumble is standing up for free speech, despite pressure from the British government to silence Brand.

You can probably guess the rest where Tim Ballard is concerned:

Tim Ballard, the former federal agent who took on child sex-trafficking and inspired the movie “Sound of Freedom,” has denied a report he left his Operation Underground Railroad organization amid multiple claims of sexual misconduct.

We may or may not ever know whether the allegations against Ballard and Brand have any validity. What we do know is that if you are going to get on the wrong side of the liberal establishment, your record had better be squeaky clean — and even if it is, you could be in trouble. Where reputations and careers are concerned, accusation equals guilt when the media is hostile.

Fellow Briton Paul Joseph Watson has more on the #MeToo silencing of Russell Brand:

On tips from seaoh, Ed McAninch, and KirklesWorth.

Sep 19 2023

Jacinda Ardern Denounces Free Speech at United Nations

Covid tyrant Jacinda Ardern is no longer in power. However, she remains a menace to freedom. Watch her hold forth at the comparably pernicious United Nations regarding the need to suppress dissident speech — or as authoritarian moonbats call it, “mis- and disinformation”:

War is peace; freedom is slavery; censorship protects free speech, which must be abolished because it is a weapon of war.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Sep 11 2023

Court Ruling: FBI and CDC Imposed Covid Narrative

No one can say that Barack Obama didn’t leave a legacy. His community organizer tactics produced the racial strife that led to hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots and continue to have us at each other’s throats. Still more destructively, he weaponized the federal government on behalf of Democratic Party, most famously by siccing the IRS on the Tea Party. Under his idiot sidekick Biden, institutions that now serve party rather than national interests include the FBI and CDC:

The Biden administration likely infringed upon the First Amendment when it leaned on social media companies to remove false or misleading COVID-19 content, a federal court of appeals ruled Friday — narrowing a bombshell district court order that barred several officials and agencies from communicating with the platforms.

Which Covid content was false or misleading is still a matter of dispute — except for the admitted lies told by Tony Fauci. However, the Deep State wouldn’t censor Fauci, because even if he presents himself as Science Incarnate, he is actually Big Government Incarnate. That’s why liberals burn votive candles in devotion to him.

The White House, surgeon general, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FBI “likely coerced or significantly encouraged social-media platforms to moderate content” and in doing so, “likely violated the First Amendment,” the New Orleans-based Fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals determined.

J. Edgar Hoover could never have imagined his agency would one day be used to censor medical information so that a virus could be exploited to inflict tyranny.

On a tip from Bluto.


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