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Jan 17 2023

Bill Would Criminalize Criticism of Non-Whites

Sheila Jackson Lee’s hatred of America’s core population and determination to snuff out fundamental liberties make her the quintessential Democrat. She has introduced the quintessential Democrat legislation. It criminalizes “conspiracy to commit white supremacy.” This includes criticism of non-whites:

The legislation, H.R.61 “Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023,” introduced last Monday by Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, seeks to “prevent and prosecute white supremacy inspired hate crime and conspiracy to commit white supremacy inspired hate crime.”

The bill defines conspiracy to commit white supremacy as “advancing white supremacy, white supremacist ideology, antagonism based on ‘replacement theory’, or hate speech that vilifies or is otherwise directed against any non-White person or group.”

Needless to say, Chuck Schumer will get a pass for admitting that “replacement theory” is not theory but a Democrat strategy to replace the American population. Laws like this are meant to be enforced selectively.

If you think Merrick Garland’s Injustice Department and its FBI enforcement arm are scary now, stand by:

[The bill] also calls for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to gain “authority to conduct operations and activities pursuant” to what it deems “necessary and appropriate to interdict, mitigate, or prevent such action from culminating in violent activity.”

Just as liberals regard Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence as speech, they regard speech they disagree with as violence. But there is no need to wait for actual bloodshed when the FBI can take steps to prevent it by suppressing speech alleged to encourage it.

The First Amendment will not last much longer than the Second if Democrats consolidate power.

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Jan 05 2023

The Crime and Punishment of Jordan Peterson

At first glance, it is hard to see what is so controversial about Jordan Peterson. He is a soft-spoken psychologist who provides common sense self-help advice to young men. His political views are not extreme. However, his refusal to recite “2 + 2 = 5” on orders from the thought police got him kicked off Twitter under its previous ownership. Now, he has been sentenced to reeducation camp for criticizing Canada’s leftist government:

The College of Psychologists of Ontario ordered the best-selling author and Daily Wire+ host to undergo “social media communications retraining” or face a hearing on the potential suspension of his license.


Peterson vowed not to participate in the process and decried the effort to stifle free speech.

That’s the attitude that got him in trouble in the first place.

Peterson wrote an open letter to Canada’s squishy soft pretty boy despot, Justin Trudeau:

“I simply cannot resign myself to the fact that in my lifetime I am required to resort to a public letter to the leader of my country to point out that political criticism has now become such a crime in Canada that if professionals dare engage in such activity, government-appointed commissars will threaten their livelihood and present them with the spectacle of denouncement and political disgrace,” Peterson wrote. “There is simply and utterly no excuse whatsoever for such a state of affairs in a free country.”

By “free country,” he must mean “soft tyranny.” When soft inevitably transitions to hard, people like Peterson will end up in gulags or face firing squads instead of having their licenses suspended.

His crimes:

Peterson’s latest alleged transgressions include retweeting Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre’s criticism of Trudeau, blasting Trudeau’s former senior aide, Gerald Butts, and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, tweeting opposition to a plan by Ottawa police to take custody of the children of the Trucker Convoy protesters, and telling Joe Rogan’s podcast audience that acceptance of radical gender theory is a sign of “civilizations collapsing” and that climate change models are unreliable.

Past crimes include pointing out that plus-sized swimsuit model Yumi Nu on the cover of Sports Illustrated for purposes of political correctness is “not beautiful” and that “no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

Styxhexenhammer666 observes that Canada’s thought police are applying a policy employed by repressive regimes like Saddam Hussein’s by trying to force him to pay for the bullet used to execute him. Specifically, he is supposed to pay for his ChiCom-style struggle session:

Regarding Peterson’s crime and punishment, this hits the mark:

“The whole point is to be as arbitrary and as opaque as possible so that they can always nail you.”

That’s why there are no actual laws in Oceania in 1984. It’s why an established sportscaster like Gary Hahn can get indefinitely suspended for saying “illegal alien.”

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Jan 02 2023

Not Much Freedom for the Money in Ukraine

With the passage of the latest reckless spending blowout, the US government has now given over $110 BILLION to Ukraine in less than 1 year, to be paid for by the American people through taxation and inflation. Rep Thomas Massie (R-KY) notes that this comes to $200 million from each congressional district. We are told that this is a fight for freedom. Here’s how much freedom we are getting for the money:

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky signed Thursday a media law already criticized in December by the Union of Journalists of Ukraine for threatening freedom of expression and tightening journalistic dissemination of Russian “propaganda”.

“Propaganda” appears to have the same definition in Ukraine that “misinformation/disinformation” has in the USA — i.e., “something the government wants suppressed.”

The measure, approved in December in the Ukrainian Parliament with 299 votes in favor, provides for the prohibition of information disseminated through the media calling for or justifying a change in the constitutional order, as well as for a conflict that violates the territorial integrity of Ukraine. …

The law determines that information containing propaganda of the “Russian totalitarian regime” as well as symbology associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine may not be published, Ukrinform news agency has reported.

Our liberal establishment forbids perceived dissident speech as “racist.” In Ukraine, they call it “pro-Russian.” The main difference is that in Ukraine, rigid censorship is actually codified in the law.

To get an idea of what qualifies as pro-Russian propaganda, consider that Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, one of the primary treasures of world literature, has been banned from Ukrainian schools for not casting Russia in a sufficiently negative light.

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Jan 01 2023

Indefinitely Suspended for Saying “Illegal Aliens”

Next time you find yourself tempted to use the outdated expression, “It’s a free country,” remember Gary Hahn. The North Carolina State radio broadcaster has been suspended indefinitely for referring to illegal aliens as “illegal aliens.”

The News & Observer reports:

While giving the score of the Sun Bowl on Friday, Hahn said “down among all the illegal aliens in El Paso it’s UCLA 14 and Pittsburgh 6.”

As even those who rely on the liberal media for information may be aware, El Paso has been overrun by illegal aliens due to the Biden Regime’s refusal to secure the border. Each day, thousands more invaders flood into the town from all over the world. Local authorities have declared a state of emergency.

In a society succumbing to a totalitarian ideology, Hahn’s innocuous remark is sufficient thoughtcrime to snuff out a career. If he grovels, they may let him back on the air, but a cloud will always hang over him.

Hahn, the North Carolina Sportscaster of the Year in 2011 and 2020, has been the voice of N.C. State football and men’s basketball since 1991.

His successful career makes him all the more attractive as a target for the thought police. Hahn serves as an instructive example for others who might be tempted to stray from political orthodoxy.

The rules regarding what we are not allowed to say are kept vague. We only learn what the punishment is after having committed an unwitting infraction. That way, we walk on eggshells, mindful at all times that we must never say anything that might displease our leftist rulers.

Reverence for free speech used to characterize America. Now, contempt for it characterizes America’s ruling party. Veteran Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) is straightforward:

To “espouse hate” is to say anything Democrats do not want said. They do not want attention paid to their campaign to permanently displace the American population by inviting and facilitating a sustained massive invasion across the southern border. Consequently, Gary Hahn is an espouser of hate.

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Dec 31 2022

Open Thread

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas. - Joseph Stalin

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Dec 28 2022

Rachel Levine Demands Censorship on Transing Kids

We already knew that the cross-dressing weirdo Richard “Rachel” Levine — the Assistant Secretary for Health extolled by liberals as America’s first “female” four-star admiral — is in favor of committing crimes against humanity by sacrificing children on the altar of LGBTism through horrific sex change procedures. We knew that the Biden Regime has relied on the suppression of information to achieve and exert power. Yet it is hard not to be shocked by the blatant evil as Levine calls on Big Tech to censor “misinformation” that would protect kids from having their genitals mutilated.

It has come to light that during a Zoom address to the Federation of State Medical Boards…

…Levine spoke about the need for the government to “address health misinformation directly” and specified that includes encouraging Big Tech to combat health misinformation “beyond COVID-19.”

The topic he had in mind is the transsexualization of children.

By now we all know that “misinformation” is any information or opinion that leftists want suppressed.

Pushing the Orwellianism that characterizes Democrats to the point of overkill, Levine declared that resistance to the exceedingly unhealthy “LGTQI+” agenda is “dangerous to the public health.”

As Joseph Goebbels observed, tell a lie big enough, keep repeating it, and sheep will believe it. Squeaks Levine:

“The positive value of gender-affirming care for youth and adults is not in scientific or medical dispute.”

“Gender-affirming” is Orwellian for “gender-denying.” In many cases, gender is “affirmed” by surgically removing healthy body parts so that woke parents of a transsexual trophy child can pretend their offspring is a member of the opposite sex.

The official called for tech censorship to quell any dispute on the subject, adding, “And we need to use our clinicians voice to collectively advocate for our tech companies to create a healthier, cleaner information environment.”

By this he means an information environment reduced to a cesspool of depraved leftist propaganda.

Levine has largely gotten his way:

Conservative journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted, “You’re not allowed to criticize Rachel Levine on other social media platforms. You will be banned.”

That is, social media platforms other than Twitter under Elon Musk’s ownership. Previously, the Babylon Bee was banned from Twitter for drawing attention to the incontrovertible biological fact that Levine is a man.

Levine, a transgender woman, made the statements in May, though the video gained newfound attention on Twitter just after Christmas.

Presenting our degenerate ruling class personified:

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Dec 27 2022

Biden Regime Suppresses Statistics on Border and Guns

For a malevolent regime opposed to the interests of its people, statistics are no friend. The media can be counted on to selectively suppress them. But because there are alternative information outlets available for those curious enough to step outside the liberal establishment propaganda bubble, extra measures sometimes need to be taken. Examples include the key issues of leaving the border open to displace the population and the inevitable upcoming gun grab.

Regarding the border, a directive went out to all Customs and Border Protection managers prohibiting them from releasing apprehension statistics without explicit permission from Alejandro Mayorkas’s DHS:

The impact of the order is already evident from the lack of routine posts on social media accounts from several Border Patrol sectors. The content typically offers weekend or weekly recaps of migrant crossing statistics and other notable enforcement actions.

Prior to the policy change, on December 12, El Paso Chief Patrol Agent Peter Jaquez provided a weekend recap revealing a three-day average of more than 2,460 migrants entering the city.

This number was brought down dramatically, not by closing the border, but by closing people’s mouths:

On [December 20], Jaquez tweeted a 48-hour recap that was limited to 57 migrant apprehensions related to organized smuggling schemes interdicted by Border Patrol agents within the sector.

Biden’s handlers are worried that if people understood the scale of the invasion, they would rise up to save their country from obliteration.

People rising up will become ever more of a danger as the leftist agenda is advanced, requiring them to be disarmed. In preparation for this, gun statistics are also suppressed:

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) deleted a reference to a study it commissioned after a group of gun-control advocates complained it made passing new restrictions more difficult. …

The advocates focused their complaints on the CDC’s description of its review of studies that estimated defensive gun uses (DGU) happen between 60,000 and 2.5 million times per year in the United States–attacking criminologist Gary Kleck’s work establishing the top end of the range.

“[T]hat 2.5 Million number needs to be killed, buried, dug up, killed again and buried again,” Mark Bryant, one of the attendees, wrote to CDC officials after their meeting.

Some hardcore leftists literally believe that guns are more dangerous to their owners than to those they protect their owners against. Propagating this absurd belief is not easy in the face of facts, so the facts are suppressed.

If the truth is Democrats’ enemy, Democrats are your enemy.

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Dec 06 2022

Tyrannical New York Hate Speech Law Now in Effect

If you object to New York paying out a massive “reparations” jackpot, maybe you had better keep your views to yourself. The state has officially banned online speech that liberals don’t like:

A new law went into effect in New York State on Saturday and it has free speech advocates up in arms for good reason. The law seeks to squelch any vaguely-defined instances of “hate speech” online. But this one goes much further than previous proposals to silence people on the major social media platforms. It applies to blogs and any other websites that allow readers to leave comments… such as the one you are reading right now. The law requires the operators of such sites to post a content moderation policy, and remove comments that may offend or “incite violence against” a list of favored demographic groups.

Moderators are obligated to solicit and directly respond to complaints of offensiveness. Liberals have already weaponized such complaints, which they use for example to get sites like this one blacklisted by online advertisers.

The apparent intent of the law is to put an end to comments sections altogether, lest someone leave a comment that contradicts the Democrat platform.

As we all know by now, “hate speech” simply means any speech leftists want silenced:

[U]nder the modern Left’s new definitions, anything that someone in a protected group doesn’t want to hear is being redefined as “violence.” If you complain about the genital mutilation of children, you’re posing a “threat” to transgender people. If you point out that BLM turned out to be a massive cash-grabbing scheme, you’re a racist who is “endangering” Black people. The list goes on. (Of course, you can say anything you want about straight, white, Christian males and they’re never in any danger at all.)

New York imitates California by attempting to impose its own authoritarian moonbattery on the rest of the country. Given the political leverage, there is no doubt that Democrats would directly inflict this level of tyranny from Washington.

Eugene Volokh and the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression are suing New York for this glaringly obvious violation of the First Amendment.

Yet again we see that the Constitution is the only thing that stands between us and absolute tyranny. A sufficient number of Democrat-appointed judges will render the Constitution effectively null and void.

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Dec 01 2022

Eurocrats Demand Musk Censor Twitter

It isn’t only CNN “intelligence” analysts and Hollyweird has-beens like Alyssa Milano and Jim Carrey who have it in for Elon Musk for allowing more free speech on Twitter. Even Eurocrats are piling on:

Twitter’s decision to stop enforcing its COVID-19 misinformation policy has put another bullseye on Elon Musk’s back.

“In my view, Twitter now is jumping to the front of the queue of the regulators,” Věra Jourová, the European Commission’s vice president for values and transparency, told POLITICO.

Seriously, Vice-President of Values and Transparency is the title of a eurocrat demanding Twitter suppress what she calls “disinformation and illegal hate speech.” She must work for the Ministry of Truth — along with this guy:

On Wednesday, Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton held a video call with the Twitter CEO to tell him his company was not ready for the bloc’s upcoming content moderation revamp, known as the Digital Services Act.

“Content moderation” is a euphemism for censorship.

“There is still huge work ahead, as Twitter will have to implement transparent user policies, significantly reinforce content moderation and protect freedom of speech, tackle disinformation with resolve, and limit targeted advertising,” according to a Commission readout of Breton’s call with Musk.

That apparatchiks can keep a straight face while mixing demands for more censorship with pious duckspeak about transparency and freedom of speech confirms that we are living in a novel by George Orwell.

The French commissioner also said Twitter needed sufficient personal and technical capacity to comply with Europe’s upcoming rules, adding he would be monitoring its progress.

Maybe if Musk hires back Melissa Ingle he can placate the Euroweenies.

Next will come demands that Musk follow the lead of the totalitarians at Google and impose behavioral “interventions” to “prebunk” rather than debunk disfavored information.

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Nov 28 2022

Moonbats Turn on Musk Part III

Even as moonbats rave about Russia and stop driving Teslas because Elon Musk has been allowing more free speech on Twitter, some speech will be restricted that was previously permitted. Consequently, Antifa has joined the jihad against Musk:

Musk called for members of the public to report violations of the site’s terms of service against child sexual exploitation and far-left extremist violence.

Numerous self-identified Antifa militants including several prominent organizers have been banned for calling for violence against Chaya Raichik, who operates the popular “Libs of TikTok” account, and Daily Wire host Matt Walsh.

“Incitement to violence will result in account suspension,” said Musk in response to journalist Andy Ngo, who explained that a large number of Antifa accounts operate on the website to promote riots and provide tips to each other on how to identify targets and commit violence.

Ngo would know:

“Antifa used Twitter to direct comrades to swarm me after I ran into a hotel following a violent street beating,” wrote Ngo.

Multiple users were banned shortly after having been reported to Musk for using Twitter to incite leftist violence.

Antifa — the Democratic Party’s comical yet dangerous answer to the Sturmabteilung — responded as you might expect:

Hours after the bans, Antifa militants took to the social media platform to organize arson attacks on Tesla locations around the United States, posting the addresses of Tesla service centers and dealerships.

Producing screenshots, Ngo remarked,

“This is just a drop in the ocean of years of violent organizing on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, under the old guard, the now-reinstated Babylon Bee was banned for observing that men are not women. You can see why liberals liked Twitter the way it was before Musk.

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Nov 27 2022

Moonbats Turn on Musk Part II

The Experts at CNN do not have to wage their war alone. Tinseltown bubblehead Alyssa Milano joins them in combating the menace of free speech. Instead of virtue signaling by driving a Tesla, she will now virtue signal by not driving a Tesla:

Allowing free speech to even moderate conservatives like the Babylon Bee and Jordan Peterson (whose accounts have now been restored) is “hate and white supremacy.”

One problem:

Numerous Twitter users noted a flaw in Milano’s rationale to switch from a Tesla to a Volkswagen to fight “white supremacy.” Several commentators pointed out that Volkswagen was created by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party.

As noted by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum:

On May 26, 1938, Nazi dignitaries gathered near Fallersleben in northern Germany to lay the foundation stone for the Volkswagen Works. The Führer himself was present, predicting that this Volkswagen, initially known as the Kraft-durch-Freude-Wagen, or KdF-Wagen, would be “a symbol of the National Socialist people’s community.”

Volkswagens were even built by the slave labor of allegedly racially inferior Slavs.

But then, if Alyssa is still willing to use Twitter, which she regards as racist for allowing free speech, why should she object to driving a Nazimobile?

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Nov 27 2022

Moonbats Turn on Musk Part I

Elon Musk made much of his fortune on electric cars, which are sacred to moonbats. Yet all he had to do was promise to restore some free speech to Twitter for tolerant liberals to turn on him.

Did you think free speech is a good thing? Wrong, shrieks CNN:

Former CIA case officer and current CNN intelligence analyst Robert Baer appeared on the cable news network on Friday to discuss the opening up of Twitter by new CEO Elon Musk.

Roars Baer:

“Putin will be all over Twitter if there’s no regulations on this.”

Turns out free speech is a Russian plot.

In a Twitter poll, 72.4% approved of restoring the accounts of some who had been banned for failing to conform to leftist ideology. However,

Without evidence, Baer added, “And so when he’s talking about the popular voice, Musk, he’s really talking about Russian intelligence.” …

The CNN security and intelligence analyst bizarrely asserted, “And you know, this freedom of speech is just nonsense because you can’t go in a movie theater and yell ‘fire.’ It’s against the law.”

Beneath the skimpy Russia! Russia! Russia! fig leaf, the liberal establishment media is now saying outright that speech contradicting Democratic Party talking points should be illegal.

Nov 26 2022

Personnel Is Policy Part I

Twitter getting purged of much of its workforce is essential, because that is the only way free speech can be reintroduced to the platform. Leftism = depravity imposed by force, and if personnel is policy, you can expect nothing else from guys like Melissa Ingle:

Post Millennial reports that “Melissa Ingle was one of the many contract content moderators to be fired when Elon Musk took over.”

Kooks like Ingle are why Meghan Murphy was permanently suspended for referring to Jessica Yaniv as “him.” Yaniv is a Canadian chiseler known for shaking down small businesses for cash after demanding Brazilian wax jobs for his male genitalia on the grounds that according to liberal ideology, he is a woman because he says he is.

Naturally, NBC calls Ingle “her,” reminding audiences that the liberal establishment media will gladly report that 2 + 2 = 5 if it advances moonbattery:

The reinstatement of dissident accounts like @TheBabylonBee and @jordanbpeterson is encouraging, but Musk’s announcement that Twitter policy will be “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach” implies shadow banning of accounts like @Moonbattery1 will continue.

Flushing out kooks like Ingle is encouraging too. However, there won’t be much point if other moonbats replace them. San Francisco tech workers are known for wokeness, not support for free speech.

On a tip from Jester.

Nov 22 2022

Adam Kinzinger Blames Bots for Free Speech Support

No wonder Adam Kinzinger is every moonbat’s second-favorite Republican after Liz Cheney. He is so hostile to free speech that he suggests the Twitter poll according to which former president and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump should be allowed to express his opinion in the public square was rigged:

Note that the liberal media presents the unsupported assertion that Trump incited violence as if it were an uncontested fact.

When leftists complain about bots on Twitter and the context is Trump, a link to the Russian bogeyman is often implied.

Less humorous than his weepy performance during the January 6 circuses are Kinzinger’s attempts to start World War III with his demented belligerence toward Russia.

Kinzinger was wise not to run for reelection. He would have gotten the same drubbing in the primaries Cheney received.

The moist-eyed, mollusk-like creature will not admit that he is a Democrat and formally switch parties for the same reason this is not an option for the “conservative” stooges you see on CNN. It would defeat the purpose of their careers, because if they can’t say, “Even I as a Republican admit that all Republicans are lice,” they would serve no purpose to the liberal overlords whose hands they are paid to lick.


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