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Nov 22 2022

Whites to Blame for Blacks Who Hate Jews

When moonbats screech about “white supremacists,” they are often referring to blacks. John Sexton wrote about the Black Hebrew Israelites…

…in 2019 when the Covington Catholic fiasco turned out to have been largely instigated by a group of BHI preachers who were originally there to start a fight with a group of Native Americans but wound up starting one with the Catholic high school kids because they were there.

The media jumped in and conducted a massive demonization campaign against the white teenagers, who handled the situation remarkably well, although Nick Sandmann allegedly committed what George Orwell called “facecrime.”

Later that year…

…there had been a spate of anti-Semitic incidents in New York and New Jersey. Mayor de Blasio’s claim that these incidents were connected to “an atmosphere of hate” emanating from Washington, a not-so-veiled reference to Trump. Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted about an attack in Jersey City that killed six, “White supremacy kills.” Only it turned out one of the shooters had ties to the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Shamelessly dishonest by nature, moonbats continue to blame whites for black racism:

Michael Eric Dyson tries a similar rhetorical trick, proclaiming the anti-Semitic statements by Kanye West and the video promoted by Kyrie Irving part of a “toxic species of the white supremacy.”

Supposedly oppressed black liberal elitist Dyson takes to the New York Times to explain why white racists are responsible for the antics of the Black Hebrew Israelites:

Until we see antisemitism as a toxic species of the white supremacy that threatens Black security and democracy’s future, none of us are truly safe.

Capitalization as in original. According to the flagship publication of liberal establishment, you are supposed to capitalize “Black” out of deference, but not “white,” because whites do not deserve respect. The antiwhite racism of the leftist ruling class can be as juvenile as it is ubiquitous.

Although Irving didn’t directly utter antisemitic sentiments, he endorsed a film that did. The player shared without comment a link to “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” a film rife with antisemitic conspiracy theories…

These Afrocentric theories appear to have been developed by blacks. The movie in question was directed by the swarthy Ronald Dalton Jr. Any white person who made a film with the word “Negroes” in the title would be crucified. However,

The relation of African Americans to Jews cannot be divorced from the pervasive glow and allure and privilege of whiteness. The fact that most Jews are white-eligible and African Americans are white-excluded creates tensions between African Americans and many Jews that have less to do with the cultural conflicts between the groups than with the meaning of Blackness and whiteness in America.

No matter what anyone does or says, if it’s bad, whites did it, so they must do penance by voting Democrat.

Jews are sacred victims in confrontations with whites, but when blacks spew hatred at them, Jews become “white-eligible.” They must learn their place in the Cultural Marxist pecking order.

Look out, there go some of the white supremacists the liberal media keeps shrieking about, marching in support of the infamous KKK leader Kyrie Irving:

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