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Jun 20 2024

Airline Industry Updates to Newspeak Dictionary

Updates to the Newspeak Dictionary are contributed by every sector of society that has succumbed to the Long March Through the Institutions — including even the airline industry:

Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, represents over 70,000 pilots worldwide and states that it collaborates with a United Nations agency on its policies.

According to a diversity, equity and inclusion language guide released in 2021, the ALPA lists numerous terms and phrases to avoid — especially “masculine generalizations” — that it deemed to be non-inclusive.

Excluded vocabulary includes “cockpit,” which the Thought Police construe to have a sexual implication. The term originally comes from cockfighting.

ALPA’s guide called for the words “man” and “men” to be avoided. It offered suggestions for the word “manpower,” including “people/human power.”

Liberal utopia will have no place for the concept of a man. Already, the word “woman” has been rendered so meaningless that liberal establishmentarians cannot define it.

ALPA advised against using “mother/father.” That phrasing could alienate “different family structures, such as grandparents as caregivers, same-sex parents,” among others. Similarly, “husband/wife” and “boyfriend/girlfriend” should be avoided since the phrases could ignore same-sex couples.

To normal people, language is a tool to communicate. Social engineers work to prevent communication in favor of mindless affirmation of moonbattery. The goal is to proscribe so many words that it will be impossible to express and theoretically even to think anything that does not comply with their agenda.

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