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Jun 20 2024

Moonbat vs. Moonbat on New York Mask Ban

Under liberal rule, anything that is not mandatory will soon be forbidden. Covid masks are still fashionable among moonbats, but since they are no longer mandatory, this impending decree from New York Governor Kathy Hochul should come as no surprise:

Hochul said [last] Thursday that she is considering a ban on face masks in the New York City subway system due to concerns about people shielding their identities while committing antisemitic acts.

Ironically, the anti-Semitism on display has been projectile vomited by people you might associate with Hochul’s Democrat base (see here and here).

A mask ban is opposed by the New York Civil Liberties Union essentially on the grounds that bad guys wear masks. Such a ban would “silence people of color and protestors the police disagree with.” You know, like Black Lives Matter rioters and Hamas supporters who terrorize Jews.

NYC’s leftist mayor sides with Hochul. For this, Eric Adams was denounced on X as “ableist”:

Dr. Lucky Tran […] wrote: “Many people, particular those who are higher risk, are already locked out of society due to lack public health precautions. A mask ban at businesses and public transport will make it even worse. A mask ban is an ableist, anti-public health policy that will harm all New Yorkers.”

That’s the future, if liberalism prevails: moonbats snarling denunciations at other moonbats for not being woke enough. At least we’ll have some entertainment.

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