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May 22 2021

Amazon Construction Site Shut Down Over Noose Hysteria

The Empire State Building was constructed in 410 days back in 1930–1931. Imagine trying to get that done now in the midst of nonsense like this:

Amazon is halting construction at a facility in Windsor, Connecticut after workers discovered the seventh case of a “rope which could be interpreted as a noose” at the site.

I hope Islamic terrorists don’t find out about this. They could wreak havoc if they knew how easy it is to shut down American construction sites. Maybe an Amazon competitor like Walmart is behind it.

“I enjoy coming to work and doing my job, but I don’t enjoy experiencing racism on the job,” a worker at the site told local news station FOX61.

Nooses have been used for as long as anyone can remember to hang people of every racial background. But since only black lives matter these days, nooses — and garage door pulls or parts of swing sets that may vaguely resemble nooses — are considered to be inherently racist against blacks. Due to hysterical eagerness to pander to their delusional yet weaponized sense of persecution, the sight of a noose is literally regarded as a federal case:

“The implications of a hanging noose anywhere are unacceptable,” FBI special agent in charge David Sundberg said in a statement. “We stand united with all our law enforcement partners across the state in rooting out and applying the rule of law to any individual or group perpetuating hateful ideology and intimidation in our communities.”

A $100,000 award has been offered for information leading to the person responsible for the pieces of rope.

The NAACP was not slow to exploit the situation, seizing on it as proof that America’s most privileged and pampered identity group, high atop the cultural Marxist caste system, is actually oppressed.

Whether the nooses are a prank or a hate hoax is as yet unclear.

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