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Mar 14 2022

Ammo Sales Skyrocket

The liberal establishment media has been riding the Russia/Ukraine hobbyhorse 24/7, to the exclusion of more significant developments (e.g., our own open border, Biden’s War on Energy, and the ongoing Democrat looting spree that is debasing our currency). It may succeed at distracting from Biden’s catastrophic presidency and even at convincing the gullible that Putin rather than Biden sent inflation spiraling out of control. But it has had other effects that our ruling class will find less desirable. sponsor reports on sales in the 2 weeks following the invasion of Ukraine on February 24:

• 166% increase in revenue

• 110% increase in transactions

• 59% increase in site traffic

• 31% increase in conversion rate

• 27% increase in average order value

What’s driving the explosion in ammo sales?

American gun owners are watching visceral, daily reminders of one reason why an armed populace is important: To defend against enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Some worry that the Ukraine obsession could be exploited to limit ammo sales. If Ukrainians need a national border but we don’t, the same might apply to ammunition. Growing tyranny abroad and at home, supply chain issues, and inflation are all good reasons to stock up.

The liberal agenda cannot advance much further than it already has against an armed population.


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