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Sep 20 2020

An Election in the Toilet

Democrats are using open-ended vote-by-mail to reduce the 2020 election into a banana republic farce. Votes will be harvested, fabricated, counted, recounted, haggled over by armies of lawyers, and belatedly discovered until Biden is declared the winner, regardless of who the public actually chooses. In swing state Michigan, ballots will be counted even if received 2 weeks after the election is supposed to be over. But don’t point out that our democratic republic is getting flushed down the toilet. That could get you in trouble with election officials:

Via AP:

Barb Byrum, the Democratic clerk of Ingham County, filed a complaint with police over the display, saying it could mislead people who aren’t familiar with the voting system.

“It is a felony to take illegal possession of an absentee ballot,” Byrum said Friday.

Despite being a Democrat, Barb Byrum barks that “Elections in this country are to be taken seriously.”

Police told the AP that the complaint is being investigated.

They must think the people who elected Gretchen Whitmer are so dumb that they might cast their ballots into a toilet in somebody’s yard.



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One Response to “An Election in the Toilet”

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