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Sep 20 2020

G. Edward Griffin Described Black Lives Matter in 1969

Diversity may be a strength in some respects, but in others it is clearly a weakness. Our country’s worst enemies have exploited this weakness in an ongoing attempt to bring down the American system and destroy the American way of life, so that the Land of the Free might be replaced with a socialist slave state.

The self-described “trained Marxists” of Black Lives Matter epitomize this cultural Marxist strategy, but they did not initiate it. The campaign to use political correctness to bring down America on behalf of total government (a.k.a. communism) has been progressing for generations. G. Edward Griffin outlined the BLM plan back in 1969:

This remark is especially applicable to the year 2020: “Nothing can be quite so damaging to police morale and efficiency as converting every arrest into a trial of the policeman instead of the criminal.”

Why would proponents of total government want to destroy the police as an institution? They don’t. They want to destroy local police, who are a brake against centralized tyranny. You don’t see mostly peaceful protesters throwing Molotov cocktails at their allies in the FBI:

More G. Edward Griffin, who provided a more accurate analysis of 2020 politics in 1969 than anything currently on offer from the mainstream media:

Wikipedia dismisses Griffin as a “conspiracy theorist.” Sometimes conspiracies turn out to be real.

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