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Dec 01 2020

Andrew Cuomo Puts Screws to Police

Black Lives Matter riots don’t produce smoldering ruins of police stations like they did a few months ago, but the War on Cops continues, driven by pandering leftist politicians like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:

Cuomo on Sunday said he is looking at closing a loophole that could allow a cop accused of misconduct in one police department to get a new job at a different department.

These days, you don’t have to look far to find leftist hooligans eager to make accusations of misconduct.

The governor, in a conference call with reporters, cited a report from the Times Union about an ex-cop in East Greenbush who was allowed to keep his law enforcement certification — even after being accused [of] making inappropriate sexual advances toward women he met while on-duty.

Matthew C. Wyld was suspended and then resigned, though he was never served with a formal notice of discipline. He applied for other law enforcement jobs, but didn’t get one and currently is “not in the police field.”

But this probably isn’t about Wyld. More likely, it is about pandering to the leftist mob as New York City degenerates into a violent hellscape.

If Democrats continue making life miserable for police, soon the only people who will to take the job will be goons like Dim from A Clockwork Orange. This will help prop up the liberal narrative, by resulting in incidents of police violence that will be blamed on “systemic racism.”

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