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Jul 19 2021

State Rep John Thompson Plays the Race Card

The great thing about being racially oppressed is that rules don’t apply to you. If anyone calls you on violating them, you can just pull out the race card, like State Representative John Thompson of Saint Paul.

Thompson was pulled over for not having a front license plate, which is required by state law in Minnesota. Correct that: he was pulled over because the police are racist. He was then cited for driving with a suspended license. His license had been revoked for failing to pay child support. That’s the kind of oppression some have to deal with thanks to systemic racism:

“I thought we weren’t doing pretextual stops in this state. But we are,” said Rep. John Thompson, DFL-St. Paul, at an event Tuesday marking five years since Philando Castile was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights. “We’re still getting driving-while-Black tickets here in this state.”

Screeching about black victimhood no doubt got him his job; it ought to get him out of having to pay traffic tickets.

Good thing there was bodycam video. Otherwise, who knows what tales Thompson might have told? The arresting officer might be in the cell next to Derek Chauvin’s. Thompson has tried to keep the video from the public:

“Rep. Thompson’s signature issue at the state legislature was advocating for rapid release of police officer’s body camera footage. Now he’s blocking the public release of the body camera footage of his own incident with law enforcement this past week,” said [Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association] Executive Director Brian Peters. “Constituents have the right to see how their legislator conducted himself, particularly when he made such strong claims about what happened during the traffic stop.”

Unfortunately for Thompson, it isn’t easy to keep video off the Internet:

Let’s see if the race card can get Thompson out of this:

Gov. Tim Walz and leaders from Minnesota’s DFL and GOP parties called for Thompson’s resignation Saturday after reports emerged of domestic assault allegations going as far back as 2003.

Thompson was charged with domestic assault twice in the 2000s in separate incidents, and both were reduced to disorderly conducts.

Thompson’s defense:

He questioned the authenticity of the police reports, which a Fox9 journalist obtained via public record requests, calling them the “product of the campaign to silence an American African man who speaks out against powerful and abusive interest.”

Republicans are filing an ethics complaint. With a two-thirds vote, Thompson can be kicked out of the legislature. Unfortunately, any constituency that would elect him can be counted on to replace him with someone else just as atrocious.

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Jul 12 2021

Antifa Journalist’s Hoax Falls Flat

The hoaxes leftists rely on to prop up their phony narrative usually entail inventing expressions of hate, although it is actually the hoax itself that is motivated by hate, along with left-wing fanaticism and other unsavory aspects of defective human character. In this case, the hoax was motivated by politically fashionable hatred of the police:

On June 6, 2020, Portland police officer Cameron Smith was busy assisting another officer arresting someone during last year’s daily Portland riots. During the course of the arrest, a so-called “journalist” named Donovan Farley decided to interject himself into the incident, claiming he had heard a protester say they couldn’t breathe.

“I can’t breathe” is a rallying cry of left-wing sociopaths who want people to think the police are oppressing them.

At some point during the interaction between Smith and Farley, Smith allegedly struck Farley with his baton and pepper-sprayed him.

Evidence at last of police brutality! But wait:

A memo which detailed the Portland Police Bureau’s investigation into the matter showed that it was Farley who tried to provoke Smith into fighting him.

According to the memo,

Smith’s use of force was necessary because he was “attempting to arrest Mr. Farley who had just tried to punch him.”

Now the moonbattery-addled Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has declined to prosecute the officer, suggesting that his conduct must have been stellar — although if Farley had been a Rioter of Color, Smith might have been the star of a Chauvin-style show trial.

As noted at Post Millennial, Farley has boasted in the past of being able to organize left-wing violence:

In August 2017 he invited Richard Spencer to Portland for a brawl. “I’d like to invite him to PDX w/o a cop escort,” he said. “I can totally arrange a [Antifa] welcome committee to test his theories.”

Farley has actual credentials as a journalist. He wrote a puff piece for Playboy praising Antifa brownshirts. His stated purpose in writing the article was to help Antifa thugs “gain more mainstream acceptance.” His version of events regarding the incident with Officer Smith was found to be “demonstrably inaccurate” by the PPB investigation after it was compared to video footage of the actual event. CNN and MSNBC eagerly await his resume.

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Jul 10 2021

Gaslight This, Democrat Liars

Of all the lies we have been fed by Democrats, possibly the most arrogantly outrageous is the claim that it is not them but Republicans who have pushed the insane policy of defunding the police so as to let crime flourish.

As The Blaze reports, even the left-wing Washington Post gave the Biden’s Handlers Administration three Pinocchios.

No wonder they hate our flag. They truly do despise us, to think we could be duped into falling for such brazen gaslighting.

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and Democrats have always been staunch supporters of law & order, unlike the radical left GOP — except that Winston Smith neglected to stuff down the memory hole this Republican Study Committee compilation of Democrats demanding police be defunded:

Meanwhile, leftist politicians like Buffalo’s next mayor, India B. Walton, continue to demonize police and promise to defund them, even as the public finally wakes up to the malevolent lunacy of the anarchotyrannical Black Lives Matter/Democrat Party agenda.

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Jul 10 2021

Buffalo’s Next Mayor Calls for Social Worker Cannon Fodder

Letting Black Lives Matter maniacs run wild and dictate policy inevitably resulted not only in $billions in property damage but in an ongoing explosion of violent crime. Yet cities that have succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral, rather than pull back in horror from the abyss, plunge ever deeper into moonbattery. Avowed socialist and Black Lives Matter supporter India B. Walton won the Democrat primary, so she will be the next Mayor of Buffalo. Here’s what that means for public safety:

Walton has said that she wants to cut the funding to the police force and send social workers to respond to some emergency calls instead.

On Wednesday, Walton reiterated that policy when responding to an incident where a 3-year-old was shot.

If the savages who make Buffalo unsafe will shoot a 3-year-old, odds are slim that they will spare social workers. Nonetheless, moonbattery dictates that they be deployed to address crime, because police officers only make matters worse.

“It is my concern that that community has experienced a very deeply hurtful trauma, and our response was to re-victimize them with another traumatic event, rather than sending in social workers and mental health counselors,” Walton said.

She said she plans to reallocate $7.5 million of police funds to social programs.

If there are any sane people left in Buffalo, get out before it’s too late — and don’t relocate to a city run by Democrats, or you will only have to escape again.

On a tip from Bluto.

Jun 29 2021

Brazen Lies and Hypocrisy on Defunding Police

Defunding, demonization, and general hamstringing of local police by Democrat authorities in the name of their malevolent race-based ideology inevitably propelled crime through the stratosphere:

The plan to blame the crime on guns, and then capitalize on it to disarm law-abiding citizens who need to defend themselves now more than ever, appeals only to criminals and lunatics — i.e., the Democrat base. Facing the growing wrath of voters, Democrats now claim that it is Republicans who want to defund police.

Seriously, the White House is actually floating that, despite the many Democrat-run cities that deliberately crippled the police with defunding in obeisance to Black Lives Matter rioters:

That same day, Oakland — birthplace of the Black Panther Party, forerunner of BLM — cut $18.5 million from its police budget in the midst of a crime wave. If there are any Republicans in Oakland, they have been lying low for decades.

On the opposite coast, leftist congresscritter Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) has been a particularly noisy advocate of defunding police:

“A system this cruel and inhumane can’t be reformed. Defund the police, and defund the system that’s terrorizing our communities,” he said in December 2020. “We screamed defund the police so we could reallocate those resources toward something that focuses on true public health and public safety,” Bowman added in an April tweet. …

“Too many police in our country are more concerned with protecting white supremacy than serving the communities that pay their salaries,” Bowman thundered in a May 2021 tweet.

Yet we also read this:

“About a week after the Jan. 6th incident at the Capitol, we received a request from the Congressman’s office for increased police presence at his residence,” Yonkers Police Department Detective Lt. Dean Politopoulos told The Post.

Bowman wants to deprive those who live in violent neighborhoods of police protection. But when hysterical bedwetters amid our Democrat overlords briefly thought that the peasants had finally had enough and might show up with torches and pitchforks, he quickly scurried to the cops to keep himself safe.

Only those devoid of shame can compete with Democrats for brazen lies and hypocrisy.

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Jun 26 2021

White Supremacist Threat Versus Reality

Meanwhile, as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, FBI, and titular POTUS shriek that the phantom menace of white supremacists is the #1 threat to public safety, we read this:

A man who was wanted for allegedly shooting a Florida police officer in the head earlier this week was arrested in DeKalb County, the Daytona Beach Police Department said early Saturday morning.

The suspect, 29-year-old Othal Wallace, was arrested at a property allegedly associated with the “Not F***ing Around Coalition,” a militia group that made demonstrations against white nationalist groups in Stone Mountain last year.

I see the black power radicals; they’re the ones shooting cops in the head. Where are the white nationalists we are told to be afraid of? They have been laying awfully low, in stark contrast to black supremacists and their supporters, who have been responsible for many hundreds of riots over the past year, injuring thousands of officers and causing $billions in damages.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said Wallace was found in a treehouse on the property, heavily armed with two rifles, two handguns, multiple flashbangs, several boxes of ammunition and body armor.

That sounds almost as scary as the white nationalists who tried to overthrow the US Government on January 6 — except that those guys were unarmed, had nothing whatsoever to do with white nationalism, and were hardly trying to overthrow the government except in the imagination of moonbats.

Daytona Beach officers placed Wallace in the handcuffs used by Officer Jason Raynor, who was shot in the head earlier this week.

Even under Democrat rule, sometimes there is justice.

Raynor’s condition was critical but fortunately is improving.

Don’t expect this story to feature prominently in the national headlines. It does not fit the establishment’s preferred narrative any better than this one:

Two teens in Rochester, New York set a 53-year-old mentally ill man on fire, ultimately killing him.

The Rochester teenagers who were accused of setting the 53-year-old man on fire are now facing murder charges after the victim died from his injuries.

The suspects, 16-year-old Zayvion Perry and 14-year-old Adriel Riley Jr., are accused of pouring flammable liquid on Steven Amenhause and lighting him on fire as he sat in a chair in his own home.

Perry and Riley are black; Amenhause was white. Consequently, “unlike many past stories written in The New York Times and USA Today, the races of the involved parties were not mentioned.”

According to local journalist Bob Lonsberry, they ordered their victim to tell authorities they were white. If Amenhause had complied before dying, the media would have shown more interest, but only until it was proven to be a lie.

If the races could only have been reversed — Perry and Riley being white, Amenhause being black — the media would have had the Story of the Century. No doubt Biden’s DHS/DOJ/FBI would have declared the murder to be an act of white supremacist terrorism.

Sorry, wrong color.

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Jun 19 2021

Entire Portland Police Riot Control Unit Resigns

As we have learned repeatedly over the past year, liberal authorities are ferociously hostile to local police. Officers can wait passively to be bullied out of existence in favor of the Schutzstaffel-style federal police force Democrats seem to have in mind, or — if they want to avoid getting treated like Derek Chauvin — they can start pushing back:

All 50 of the Portland Police Bureau’s highly trained rapid response unit officers resigned this week after the recent indictment of Officer Corey Budworth for allegedly assaulting a photographer during an overnight riot last summer.

Volunteers for the Rapid Response Unit have been deployed to tamp down the riots that afflicted Portland every night for months on end and that sporadically continue. The officers are no longer willing to defend from the mob a society that sides with the mob against them.

As the Portland Police Association notes, Budworth “has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system.” He was helping to control one of the countless mostly peaceful protests inspired by the martyrdom of Saint George Floyd when he allegedly assaulted rioter Teri Jacobs. Portland had nearly reached the milestone of 75 consecutive nights of rioting at the time.

That night, according to the police union, about 200 demonstrators – many equipped with tactical helmets, faces covered, and armed with a variety of weapons – descended on the Multnomah Building in southeast Portland. Multiple dumpsters were set on fire, buildings were defaced, and windows were broken. A riot soon was declared at the planned event after someone from the crowd launched a Molotov cocktail into the building, setting it ablaze.

The Multnomah Building houses the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Police cleared the mostly peaceful protesters, who then counterattacked, marching back toward the building. Budworth was knocked to the ground.

“RRT officers, including Officer Budworth, used their Police Bureau-issued batons to try and stop the crowd’s criminal activity,” the union’s description of events continued. “Per his training and in response to the active aggression of a rioter interfering with a lawful arrest, Officer Budworth used baton pushes to move a rioter, now known to be Teri Jacobs, out of the area.”

For this, Budworth is being charged with assault, as though he were the criminal. Jacobs is getting a $50,000 civil settlement from the taxpayers, complements of the likeminded leftists running Portland.


In October, County District Attorney Mike Schmidt rejected over 540 riot related cases in “interest of justice” and has implemented catch-and-release policies for accused criminals and rioters.

Jacobs’ attorney claims he beat her with the baton, while other officers (who were also busy dealing with rioters at the time) failed to intervene. If every attempt to suppress a riot results in authorities choosing to take such allegations seriously, all the cops will end up in prison, and anarchy will prevail.

On tips from Occam’s Stubble, R F, Wiggins, Mr. Freemarket, ABC of the ANC, and MAS.

Jun 10 2021

Watch Savages Bring Down Officer

The War on Police on behalf of Black Lives Matter is a war on civilization on behalf of savages. With Democrats dominant nationally, the savages are winning. This does not make work easy for those tasked with keeping the streets safe – even in Florida. When a lone officer responded to a report of gunfire in Jacksonville last week, he was set upon by a mob after he tried to get the crowd to disperse for its own safety:

Note that the officer had a rifle but didn’t use it, and that no one lifted a finger to help him. That makes the scene emblematic of our times.

Brodigan comments at Louder With Crowder:

Hearing pieces of human excrement yell foul things at police officers, threatening the cops’ families as well as the lives of cops themselves, barely fazes me anymore. It’s what you can expect when every Democrat leader from Joe Biden on down has made it clear they will never have the police’s backs.

However, the abuse is not limited to words. Police are assaulted while onlookers record the scene and laugh.

Since this wasn’t a formal Black Lives Matter riot, there could be legal consequences. Jermisha Ramsey has been charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and street fighting. The officer suffered a cut leg in addition to various bruises and scrapes.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jun 10 2021

Amazon Sells Blue Lives Murder Products but Not…

Hypocrisy is prominent among the characteristics that make our liberal rulers insufferable. Everything that does not support their agenda is subject to cancelation. Yet they squawk pieties about freedom and choice. For example, the totalitarians at Amazon, who took down Parler out of sheer partisan repression, tell us that the reason they sell “Blue Lives Murder” memorabilia (t-shirts, headscarves, caps, bandannas, etc) is that they want to provide customers “with the widest possible selection” of products.

Coming from the Bezos people, this lie is grotesque. As noted at the Washington Free Beacon,

Amazon has cracked down on other political products, including a “Joe and the Hoe” T-shirt, for violating its “selling guidelines.”

The “Hoe” refers to Kamala Harris, whose only notable qualification, other than being a Woman of Color and as far left as you can go, is her willingness to exchange sexual favors with a man 30 years her senior for political advancement.

The site also banned Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally because, the platform said, it “frame[d] LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness.”

Only a few years ago, no reasonable person would have denied that what is now called “LGBTQ+ identity” is mental illness. Now, products are banned by Amazon for suggesting it. We can only guess what facts might be banned in the future. But calling the police murderers and implying that violence against them is justified won’t be banned, because the people running the company endorse this sentiment.

The looting of Amazon trucks by Black Lives Matter thugs taught them nothing. To be progressive is to be impervious to experience.

The Blaze provides other exceptions to Amazon’s commitment to the widest possible selection:

In February, Amazon pulled a documentary about conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during Black History Month without explanation. And in 2019, the company kowtowed to the progressive Council on American-Islamic Relations and removed a litany of products — including bath mats and doormats — considered offensive to Muslims.

Since September 11, 2001, anything offensive to Muslims offends moonbats too.

The Rebel flag that graces the covers of classic Southern rock albums because it represents the culture and heritage of the South is unavailable at Amazon. But advocates of political violence will have no problem finding Black Lives Matter and Antifa flags.

Amazon, like the rest of the Big Tech world, proves that you do not have to be the government to impose authoritarianism. Selective censorship is tyranny.

On a tip from Varla.

Jun 08 2021

Civilization Is Losing the Liberal War on Police

Congratulations, liberals. Your war on police has been a stunning success — especially in progressive places like Ashville, North Carolina:

The police department in one of America’s fastest-growing cities is facing staff shortages so severe that it will not respond to certain 911 calls, including complaints of burglaries, theft, property damage, identity theft, or trespassing.

Ashville has lost 84 officers since the beginning of last year.

APD Police Chief David Zack says the attrition rate, which has accelerated since protests against law enforcement became widespread in the wake of George Floyd’s death in May of last year, has reached crisis proportions.

The liberal establishment presented us with a choice between lowlife criminals like George Floyd and law enforcement, and bullied the weak-minded into siding with the former. The consequences have begun to unfold.

[Zack] said it is necessary to no longer respond in-person to low-level offenses so that response times to more serious crimes could be cut down.

As the success of the broken windows policy proved in New York before de Blasio let the city slide back into chaos, low-level offenses escalate into violent crimes when ignored. But local liberal activists, characteristically siding with criminals, want the police to remain understaffed.

Speaking of police understaffing, avoid the Minnesota State Fair this year:

After the former state fair police chief retired, the Minnesota State Fair has gone back to the drawing board for assembling a police presence for the upcoming fair.

In the past, organizers put together a State Fair Police Department, consisting mainly of retired cops and active duty officers working in their spare time. But this year, they can’t find the manpower.

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher says he is having conversations with the fair but commented that getting enough officers will be “daunting” because of the recent drops in the number of officers employed.

The fair has allegedly asked the St. Paul Police Department, the Minnesota State Patrol, and the University of Minnesota Police Department and all three rejected the request because of a shortage of officers.

With the cats having been driven away, the rats will play. Expect wilding “youths” inflicting random violence to be the main feature of the Minnesota State Fair.

To get an idea of where this is heading, look to moonbat-ruled Chicago:

If the police inside the SUV had lifted a finger to defend civilization or their own dignity, they would have been set upon by the mob. If they had then defended themselves, they would be Derek Chauvined and potentially spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

Notice how slowly they drove. They wouldn’t want one of their assailants to fall off the vehicle and twist an ankle. That might be enough to get them fired if not imprisoned.

Leftists responded to this triumph of savagery by spouting the same bogus moonbattery that set all this in motion:

• “Until white people start treating them like human beings instead of animals..until you start respecting them and seeing their dignity and worth…you will continue to get the results you’re getting,” one commenter said.

• Another user replied similarly: “1. Was the vehicle stolen? 2. Did anyone get arrested or hurt? 3. NOTHING to see here[;] the weather was nice and everyone had a great time.”

• “Yeah, how f***ing embarrassing that after literal centuries of police brutality & oppression, black people were allowed to dance in front of [police] and even delay their patrol by a few seconds,” another commenter observed sarcastically. “It was much less embarrassing when police just shot them in the face every day.”

They speak for the liberal establishment that controls most everything.

When they are through destroying America, progressives will replace it with something very different. Local police will have no part in Democrat utopia, because local authority is a brake on their power.

On tips from R F, ABC of the ANC, and Wiggins.

Jun 05 2021

If Joe Biden Were a Cop

It’s a good thing Joe Biden is only the President of the United States. Imagine placing him in a position of responsibility. If he were a police officer, it would look something like this:

On a tip from MAS.

Jun 03 2021

San Diego Police Forced to Pander to Sexual Psychosis

Now that the lunatics are running the asylum, indulging psychotic delusions rather than helping people to overcome them is mandatory:

Police officers in San Diego must refer to transgender and nonbinary individuals by their pronouns, must allow them to choose the gender of the officer who searches them and must take them to the jail facility that aligns with the person’s preferred identity, according to a new policy implemented Tuesday.

I wonder which gender horny criminals are most likely to choose to give them a cavity search.

The lunatic guidelines were “developed in coordination with San Diego’s LGBTQ community and announced the first day of Pride month.” Wait to see what kind of guidelines the police have to follow when pedophiles become as politically powerful as other previously reviled sexual identities.

“Historically, many members of our LGBTQ community — particularly those who identify as transgender or nonbinary — have not been recognized or respected for who they are. That changes with this procedure,” Mayor Todd Gloria, San Diego’s first openly gay mayor, said in a news release.

We’ll see if the mandatory denial of objective reality applies to drug fiends who believe they are birds and can fly off rooftops. Recognizing and respecting “who they are” would mean letting them jump.

The SDPD’s embrace of LGBTetc militants does not seem to be reciprocated:

Last year, San Diego Pride said it would no longer give law enforcement agencies a contingent in the Pride Parade, held each year in July, or booths at the Pride Festival.

The same goes in New York. Law enforcement is politically unclean according to the doctrine of our moonbat overlords. But maybe if they are pandered to obsequiously enough, the belligerently aberrant will let cops march in their perversity pageants.

Then again, probably not.

Courtney Skaggs, a La Mesa resident who is intersex and identifies as they/she, said the new guidelines “discourage assumptions and encourage self determination.” Skaggs added: “Encounters with police can be stressful and traumatic, and the fact that officers are mandated to respect pronouns and gender is important progress.”

However, no amount of “progress” will ever be enough. Skaggs whines aggressively about the policy’s “lack of inclusion of intersex folks in key sections.” Authorities are in for some bullying for being intersexphobic.

On a tip from Franco.

May 28 2021

Anticop Atlanta Pol Has Car Stolen in Front of Him

Leftist demagogues are willing to subject impoverished neighborhoods to sharply increased crime rates for the sake of Black Lives Matter posturing. Gratifyingly, what goes around, comes around.

In Atlanta, for example, homicide is up 57%, rape 55%, aggravated assault 36%, and car theft 31% from last year. Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms isn’t bothering to run for reelection with out of control crime hanging around her neck. Don’t expect an improvement if she is replaced by Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown.

Via Fox 5 Atlanta:

Atlanta Police are searching for a group of very young thieves who stole Mayoral Candidate Antonio Brown’s car. The thieves were between the ages of 6 and 12, officials stated.

Brown was standing only a few feet away from his white Mercedes coupe at the time.

Brown said he tried to stop them, but got dragged a short distance and eventually let go after about a half block.

That was wise. If he held on, he might have ended up like Mohammad Anwar in Washington, DC, a city run by similar people with similar results.

Officers said they found Brown’s car a few hours later but did not say if they made any arrests. Brown said he does not want to press charges.

Of course not. The reason there is so much crime in inner cities is that there are usually no meaningful consequences.

Regarding Brown’s campaign,

Brown launched his mayoral campaign with a platform calling for the “reimagining” of policing. …

He was also one of seven council members to support withholding $73 million from the [Atlanta Police Department]’s budget until the mayor’s administration came up with a plan to “reinvent the culture of policing in the city.”

In the context of law enforcement, “reinvent” is liberalese for defund, hamstring, and all but abolish law enforcement, which Brown has good reason not to be fond of, considering that he is under indictment on multiple federal fraud charges.

If only all left-wing politicians could be locked up for fraud, inner cities might be reclaimed from the jungle.

On tips from Mr. Freemarket and Dragon’s Lair.

May 25 2021

George Floyd’s Legacy Is Secure

What better way to honor the memory of violent career criminal George Floyd than with lawless chaos?

Where are the police? Oh that’s right, they have been marginalized so as to make the world safe for lowlifes.

In happier George Floyd news, liberals’ premier golden calf today celebrates his 1-year fentanyl-free anniversary.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

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