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Oct 19 2021

Police Car Blasts “Let’s Go Brandon”

No wonder Democrats are exploiting the vaccine to purge local police of those who might think for themselves rather than mindlessly follow tyrannical orders. There are actual thought criminals among the police, as demonstrated by an officer delighting patriots by putting “Let’s Go Brandon” through his loudspeaker:

Any cop who would say “Let’s Go Brandon” might refuse to take a vaccine he doesn’t need or to submit private health information that is none of the government’s business. From there it is a short step to “No, I will not arrest this person for exercising his constitutional rights” or “No, I will not open fire on this crowd.”

The same applies to the military, which is why calling for accountability can get a Marine officer not just relieved of command but imprisoned.

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Oct 17 2021

In the NYC of Empowered Criminals

Systematically empower criminals while weakening local police and before you know it, your country’s largest city looks like this:

There is no limit to the horrors that will be committed when criminals can no longer be arrested because sufficient force to overpower them is no longer employed.

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Oct 12 2021

Moonbats Play Pin the Firebomb on the Police Car

Watching late night “comedians” might give you the impression that liberals have no sense of humor. Yet some of them do enjoy fun and games. Here we watch them play Pin the Firebomb on the Police Car in honor of martyred leftist saint Sawandi Toussaint:

The Los Angeles Times explains how Toussaint endeared himself to the liberal mob. From 2019:

Sawandi Asad Toussaint, a 21-year-old black man also known as Sawandi Asad Toussaint-Anderson, was fatally shot by police officers on Saturday, Oct. 12, in the 3500 block of Santa Anita Avenue in El Monte, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records.

El Monte police officers were called to the bus depot on Santa Anita Avenue around 2:30 p.m. to look into reports of a man firing a gun in the lower level where buses drop off passengers, said Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean.

Toussaint ran from police, but stopped to pull out a handgun and point it at them. Racistly, they shot him instead of letting him shoot them.

Maniacs firing guns randomly at bus depots are heroes to the sort of people who worship George Floyd, so long as they are black.

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Sep 30 2021

Leftism Results in Explosion of Murder

Allowing leftists to dictate policy has consequences. An easily predictable result of their Black Lives Matter-inspired campaign to demonize, demoralize, defund, and hamstring local police has been an explosion of murder:

The murder rate rose by nearly 30% in 2020, more than any other time in the last half-century. This is according to recently released statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its annual report on crime.

The report shows that there were 4,901 more murders committed in 2020 than in 2019.

No worries, Democrats. The FBI only needs to get slightly more politicized before crime statistics that reflect poorly on the liberal agenda are doctored like the phony temperature stats the feds provide to prop up the global warming hoax.

Progressives have hamstrung local police and torn our national fabric. Until they are driven from power and the damage is repaired, the murder rate will remain stratospheric:

It looks like 2021 will have similar numbers to 2020, with only a slight dip in the national rate of increase in murder.

It’s only the rate of increase that has slowed since apocalyptic 2020. The murder rate continues to rise.

Democrats plan to exploit the problem they caused to inflict an even worse problem. They want to blame murders on guns as a pretext to disarm law-abiding citizens, rendering them defenseless in the face of rising violence. Despite their rhetoric, prior to the rise of Black Lives Matter,

Violent crime has been falling for decades even as gun ownership in the United States remained high.

Letting leftists dictate law enforcement leads to skyrocketing murder. Where do you suppose letting them dictate economic policy will lead? Let them pass their blowout spending bills and we will soon find out.

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Sep 24 2021

Threatened With Arrest for Wearing MAGA Hat

If the War on Police is successful, progressives will manage to drive enough good people out of local police departments and to exert enough federal control to subvert the institution. Then you will see more scenes like this:

For now, vigilante moonbats sometimes need to step in ensure nobody wears MAGA hats:

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Sep 19 2021

Call 911 on Criminal of Color, Get Fined

Under California-style anarchotyranny, you had better think twice before calling 911 to report a criminal. If the evildoer is a hated Caucasian, all is well and good. But if the scofflaw is a sacred BIPOC and you are not, the authorities may regard you as the transgressor; you could face a heavy fine.

I only wish this were from the Babylon Bee rather than Hot Air:

Out in Santa Cruz County, California, the Board of Supervisors has passed a new municipal ordinance involving 911 calls. They want residents to know that they are free to call the emergency services line if they see something suspicious, but if it involves a person of color, the caller may wind up getting hit with a fine of up to $1,000.

It is also unwise to report criminals who seem the type to engage in establishment-endorsed aberrant sexual activities. Via CBS SF BayArea:

The new law creates civil penalties — up to a thousand dollars — against anyone who reports someone to law enforcement because of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or other legally protected classes.

This lunacy is consistent with critical theory, the religion of our ruling class. According to moonbat doctrine, only heterosexual white men should be viewed as the bad guys. Everyone else is oppressed by them, and incapable of doing wrong so long as they do not betray identity politics by expressing conservative opinions. This was the ideological justification for Democrats supporting the sociopathic War on Police in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Replacing justice with social justice should save on court costs, freeing up more tax money for welfare payments. No one needs to establish who did what to whom. Only respective positions in the cultural Marxist victim hierarchy need be determined.

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Aug 24 2021

British Police Drive Rainbow Hate Crime Cars

According to the liberal narrative, local police are the bad guys, cast in opposition to saintly inner city criminals of color. Therefore, it isn’t enough to defund or even to abolish them. They deserve absolute humiliation, something even more shameful than pressuring baseball players to kneel in obeisance to Black Lives Matter. Having almost totally succumbed to moonbattery, the British suggest a possible punishment by forcing officers to drive “hate crime cars.”

The rainbow-covered vehicles (low emission, of course) are intended to encourage the public to report crimes against political correctness — i.e., “hate crimes.”

Via Breitbart:

Deputy Chief Constable [Julie] Cooke, who heads LGBT issues for the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), stated in a video on social media platform Instagram that the cars with rainbow designs were “part of our vehicle fleet,” and labelled them “hate crime cars”.

Cooke decorates her uniform with rainbow paraphernalia, sometimes including “epaulettes that have the Trans flag of them,” as she boasts. This makes clear that even if all Britons are equal before the law, the sexually divergent and other “underrepresented” groups are a lot more equal than normal people.

Britain was a proud and noble country that faced down the Nazis less than a century ago. Now its police officers are forced to ride around in cars promoting homosexuality. That’s how fast moonbattery rots away whatever it touches.

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Aug 03 2021

Fourth Capitol Riot Cop Allegedly Commits Suicide

A fourth police officer who was on the scene during the January 6 fiasco has reportedly committed suicide:

The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia announced Monday that two of their officers who responded to the Capitol riot on January 6 died by suicide in July. A department spokesperson identified one officer as Gunther Hashida, a member of the force’s emergency-response team within its special-ops division. Hashida, who joined the MDP in 2003, was found in his home on July 29. Hours later, the department also confirmed the death of Kyle DeFreytag, a four-year veteran assigned to the department’s fifth district, who was found on July 10. …

On January 10, the United States Capitol Police announced that Howard Liebengood had died by suicide. A 16-year veteran of the Capitol Police, he had been assigned to the Senate division of the force. On January 15, a 12-year Metropolitan Police Department veteran, Jeffrey Smith, died by suicide.

Maybe a bunch of rowdy hooligans exploiting minimal security to trespass in the People’s House was so traumatic that not even police officers could deal with the stress. After all, one of our national leaders was so deeply affected that she required psychiatric care, and AOC wasn’t even in the building at the time.

More likely possibilities come to mind. Odds are that not all the law enforcement officers present that day are reliable Democrat pawns like the tearful clown Aquilino Gonell and the hate-hoaxing BLM-supporting leftist Harry A. Dunn. Many details of the event must be kept secret if the establishment narrative is to be propped up until the next election: for example, the details of Ashli Babbitt’s killing.

Since Biden’s handlers took control, it has been hard to keep paranoia at bay. Convenient suicides are to be expected under leftist rule. Don’t be surprised if the mode of suicide turns out to be two shots to the back of the head. Democrats are pulling out all the stops, as their recent attempts to unconstitutionally take federal control of elections makes clear.

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Aug 02 2021

Feds Racialize Law Enforcement

Despite having caused a nationwide crime wave by demonizing, demoralizing, and defunding the police, Democrats don’t have anything against police per se. You can’t impose a police state without police. What they object to is local police not subject to their centralized control. Until law enforcement that is responsive to local communities can be replaced by politicized national agencies like the FBI, Democrats exert what pressure they can from Washington.

Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta, No. 3 in command at the Injustice Department, issued orders at an FBI “civil rights” conference in June:

“Approach each and every law enforcement agency in your district that reports zero hate crimes or does not participate in hate crimes reporting to learn what’s going on and why that’s happening.”

That is, if the local police department does not arrest people for being racist, they can expect a federal investigation to determine whether they might be racists themselves.

Ninety percent of violent interracial felonies are committed by blacks. But counting black on white violence as hate crime is not what leftists like Gupta have in mind. As noted at National Justice,

Blacks are rarely charged with hate crimes when they commit bias crimes against whites. For example, [in June] a black man who shot five white men in a multi-state shooting spree told police his sole motive was that he hated white people, yet neither local prosecutors or the FBI have charged him with a hate crime.

In contrast, you can be charged with ethnic intimidation for putting up “I [Heart] Being White” stickers.

Gupta isn’t the only fed intent on repurposing law enforcement to impose racial justice. Jay Greenberg is Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division. WBALTV enthusiastically reports that per Greenberg:

• All current FBI agents will get added hate crimes training at six regional civil rights conferences being held through the end of the year…

• New agents will get the additional training at the FBI academy, starting with the next class this fall;

• The Bureau will commence fresh outreach to community groups, including those in historically underrepresented and targeted populations [i.e., politically preferred identity groups];

• The Bureau will be contacting every local law enforcement agency that has not reported hate crimes data to federal databases to ask why; federal statistics show this will total more than 3,200 agencies, based on the most recent year of data available;

• The FBI will offer additional help to local police departments in reporting and investigating hate incidents or crimes;

• And a nationwide anti-hate, multi-media advertising campaign, in part to encourage often-reluctant victims to come forward, will launch in the coming weeks and months.

Hate hoaxes will not be able to bridge the widening gap between the demand for hate crimes and the supply. This can be resolved through legislation. According to liberal doctrine, speech leftists don’t like is violence. Laws will soon reflect this tenet. The FBI will eagerly see to it that those laws are rigidly enforced, even as immigration law is ignored and inner cities decay into anarchy.

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Jul 19 2021

State Rep John Thompson Plays the Race Card

The great thing about being racially oppressed is that rules don’t apply to you. If anyone calls you on violating them, you can just pull out the race card, like State Representative John Thompson of Saint Paul.

Thompson was pulled over for not having a front license plate, which is required by state law in Minnesota. Correct that: he was pulled over because the police are racist. He was then cited for driving with a suspended license. His license had been revoked for failing to pay child support. That’s the kind of oppression some have to deal with thanks to systemic racism:

“I thought we weren’t doing pretextual stops in this state. But we are,” said Rep. John Thompson, DFL-St. Paul, at an event Tuesday marking five years since Philando Castile was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights. “We’re still getting driving-while-Black tickets here in this state.”

Screeching about black victimhood no doubt got him his job; it ought to get him out of having to pay traffic tickets.

Good thing there was bodycam video. Otherwise, who knows what tales Thompson might have told? The arresting officer might be in the cell next to Derek Chauvin’s. Thompson has tried to keep the video from the public:

“Rep. Thompson’s signature issue at the state legislature was advocating for rapid release of police officer’s body camera footage. Now he’s blocking the public release of the body camera footage of his own incident with law enforcement this past week,” said [Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association] Executive Director Brian Peters. “Constituents have the right to see how their legislator conducted himself, particularly when he made such strong claims about what happened during the traffic stop.”

Unfortunately for Thompson, it isn’t easy to keep video off the Internet:

Let’s see if the race card can get Thompson out of this:

Gov. Tim Walz and leaders from Minnesota’s DFL and GOP parties called for Thompson’s resignation Saturday after reports emerged of domestic assault allegations going as far back as 2003.

Thompson was charged with domestic assault twice in the 2000s in separate incidents, and both were reduced to disorderly conducts.

Thompson’s defense:

He questioned the authenticity of the police reports, which a Fox9 journalist obtained via public record requests, calling them the “product of the campaign to silence an American African man who speaks out against powerful and abusive interest.”

Republicans are filing an ethics complaint. With a two-thirds vote, Thompson can be kicked out of the legislature. Unfortunately, any constituency that would elect him can be counted on to replace him with someone else just as atrocious.

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Jul 12 2021

Antifa Journalist’s Hoax Falls Flat

The hoaxes leftists rely on to prop up their phony narrative usually entail inventing expressions of hate, although it is actually the hoax itself that is motivated by hate, along with left-wing fanaticism and other unsavory aspects of defective human character. In this case, the hoax was motivated by politically fashionable hatred of the police:

On June 6, 2020, Portland police officer Cameron Smith was busy assisting another officer arresting someone during last year’s daily Portland riots. During the course of the arrest, a so-called “journalist” named Donovan Farley decided to interject himself into the incident, claiming he had heard a protester say they couldn’t breathe.

“I can’t breathe” is a rallying cry of left-wing sociopaths who want people to think the police are oppressing them.

At some point during the interaction between Smith and Farley, Smith allegedly struck Farley with his baton and pepper-sprayed him.

Evidence at last of police brutality! But wait:

A memo which detailed the Portland Police Bureau’s investigation into the matter showed that it was Farley who tried to provoke Smith into fighting him.

According to the memo,

Smith’s use of force was necessary because he was “attempting to arrest Mr. Farley who had just tried to punch him.”

Now the moonbattery-addled Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has declined to prosecute the officer, suggesting that his conduct must have been stellar — although if Farley had been a Rioter of Color, Smith might have been the star of a Chauvin-style show trial.

As noted at Post Millennial, Farley has boasted in the past of being able to organize left-wing violence:

In August 2017 he invited Richard Spencer to Portland for a brawl. “I’d like to invite him to PDX w/o a cop escort,” he said. “I can totally arrange a [Antifa] welcome committee to test his theories.”

Farley has actual credentials as a journalist. He wrote a puff piece for Playboy praising Antifa brownshirts. His stated purpose in writing the article was to help Antifa thugs “gain more mainstream acceptance.” His version of events regarding the incident with Officer Smith was found to be “demonstrably inaccurate” by the PPB investigation after it was compared to video footage of the actual event. CNN and MSNBC eagerly await his resume.

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Jul 10 2021

Gaslight This, Democrat Liars

Of all the lies we have been fed by Democrats, possibly the most arrogantly outrageous is the claim that it is not them but Republicans who have pushed the insane policy of defunding the police so as to let crime flourish.

As The Blaze reports, even the left-wing Washington Post gave the Biden’s Handlers Administration three Pinocchios.

No wonder they hate our flag. They truly do despise us, to think we could be duped into falling for such brazen gaslighting.

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and Democrats have always been staunch supporters of law & order, unlike the radical left GOP — except that Winston Smith neglected to stuff down the memory hole this Republican Study Committee compilation of Democrats demanding police be defunded:

Meanwhile, leftist politicians like Buffalo’s next mayor, India B. Walton, continue to demonize police and promise to defund them, even as the public finally wakes up to the malevolent lunacy of the anarchotyrannical Black Lives Matter/Democrat Party agenda.

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Jul 10 2021

Buffalo’s Next Mayor Calls for Social Worker Cannon Fodder

Letting Black Lives Matter maniacs run wild and dictate policy inevitably resulted not only in $billions in property damage but in an ongoing explosion of violent crime. Yet cities that have succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral, rather than pull back in horror from the abyss, plunge ever deeper into moonbattery. Avowed socialist and Black Lives Matter supporter India B. Walton won the Democrat primary, so she will be the next Mayor of Buffalo. Here’s what that means for public safety:

Walton has said that she wants to cut the funding to the police force and send social workers to respond to some emergency calls instead.

On Wednesday, Walton reiterated that policy when responding to an incident where a 3-year-old was shot.

If the savages who make Buffalo unsafe will shoot a 3-year-old, odds are slim that they will spare social workers. Nonetheless, moonbattery dictates that they be deployed to address crime, because police officers only make matters worse.

“It is my concern that that community has experienced a very deeply hurtful trauma, and our response was to re-victimize them with another traumatic event, rather than sending in social workers and mental health counselors,” Walton said.

She said she plans to reallocate $7.5 million of police funds to social programs.

If there are any sane people left in Buffalo, get out before it’s too late — and don’t relocate to a city run by Democrats, or you will only have to escape again.

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Jun 29 2021

Brazen Lies and Hypocrisy on Defunding Police

Defunding, demonization, and general hamstringing of local police by Democrat authorities in the name of their malevolent race-based ideology inevitably propelled crime through the stratosphere:

The plan to blame the crime on guns, and then capitalize on it to disarm law-abiding citizens who need to defend themselves now more than ever, appeals only to criminals and lunatics — i.e., the Democrat base. Facing the growing wrath of voters, Democrats now claim that it is Republicans who want to defund police.

Seriously, the White House is actually floating that, despite the many Democrat-run cities that deliberately crippled the police with defunding in obeisance to Black Lives Matter rioters:

That same day, Oakland — birthplace of the Black Panther Party, forerunner of BLM — cut $18.5 million from its police budget in the midst of a crime wave. If there are any Republicans in Oakland, they have been lying low for decades.

On the opposite coast, leftist congresscritter Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) has been a particularly noisy advocate of defunding police:

“A system this cruel and inhumane can’t be reformed. Defund the police, and defund the system that’s terrorizing our communities,” he said in December 2020. “We screamed defund the police so we could reallocate those resources toward something that focuses on true public health and public safety,” Bowman added in an April tweet. …

“Too many police in our country are more concerned with protecting white supremacy than serving the communities that pay their salaries,” Bowman thundered in a May 2021 tweet.

Yet we also read this:

“About a week after the Jan. 6th incident at the Capitol, we received a request from the Congressman’s office for increased police presence at his residence,” Yonkers Police Department Detective Lt. Dean Politopoulos told The Post.

Bowman wants to deprive those who live in violent neighborhoods of police protection. But when hysterical bedwetters amid our Democrat overlords briefly thought that the peasants had finally had enough and might show up with torches and pitchforks, he quickly scurried to the cops to keep himself safe.

Only those devoid of shame can compete with Democrats for brazen lies and hypocrisy.

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