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Jan 26 2021

Harvesting the Fruit of Black Lives Matter

From a diseased tree comes poisonous fruit. The tree of Black Lives Matter is rotten from the roots, having grown out of the same fetid morass of Marxism and black supremacism as the Black Panthers before it. Heather Mac Donald takes stock of the harvest:

The year 2020 likely saw the largest percentage increase in homicides in American history. Murder was up nearly 37% in a sample of 57 large and medium-size cities. Based on preliminary estimates, at least 2,000 more Americans, most of them black, were killed in 2020 than in 2019.

The explosion of violent crime was precipitated by the War on Police — i.e., the eagerness of the liberal establishment to side with criminals against law and order in its embrace of Black Lives Matter.

The local murder increases in 2020 were startling: 95% in Milwaukee, 78% in Louisville, Ky., 74% in Seattle, 72% in Minneapolis, 62% in New Orleans, and 58% in Atlanta, according to data compiled by crime analyst Jeff Asher.

Liberals champion the BLM anti-police agenda to demonstrate that they revere blacks, which they have been told is the primary distinguishing characteristic of good people. Yet the dozens of children who have been killed in this bloodbath are overwhelmingly black.

Fifty-five children were killed in Chicago in 2020, 17 in St. Louis, and 11 in Philadelphia. In South Los Angeles alone, 40 children were shot, some non-lethally, through September.

The liberal establishment that caused this tries to blame it on COVID-19.

But crime fell during the first months of the pandemic shutdowns, both in the U.S. and globally. Only at the end of May did that trend reverse itself…

On May 25, George Floyd died, apparently of a fentanyl overdose, while in police custody. This was seized upon as a pretext for widespread violence that was aggressively supported by the liberal establishment, with the media barking Black Lives Matter talking points, ball players kneeling in obeisance to rioters, corporations donating $millions to BLM and related organizations, Kamala Harris egging on rioters and raising funds to bail them out of jail, and local Democrat politicians giving the rioters free reign to inflict mayhem at the expense of law-abiding citizens.

According to the establishment narrative, cops are now the bad guys.

Officers believe they face a political and legal environment that is eager to sacrifice them in the name of racial justice.

As might be expected, they are now keeping their heads down instead of doing their jobs.

An Oakland, Calif., officer who has arrested dozens of known murderers and gang members over his career tells me he is scared for the first time, “not because the criminals are necessarily more violent, even though they are.” But if he has to use force on a resisting suspect, he could lose his career, his life, or his liberty, he says. A “simple cost-benefit analysis” recommends simply responding to calls for service and collecting a paycheck. “All cops now understand this.”

Criminals understand it too. The result is increasingly brazen lawlessness.

Forget about the proactive police work that prevents crime from happening in the first place. According to liberal ideology, it is racist.

Across the country, specialized police units that got guns off the street were disbanded, since they were said to have a disparate impact on African-Americans. Police chiefs and prosecutors have refused to enforce low-level quality-of-life laws for the same reason.

The broken windows approach that allowed Rudy Giuliani and William Bratton to clean up New York City in the 1990s would be unthinkable now.

The consequence: More gang members are carrying guns, since their chances of being stopped are slim. They are enthusiastically killing each other and innocent bystanders out of opportunism, not economic deprivation or existential angst.

Democrats will respond to this by confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens, so that we have no chance to defend ourselves.

2020 is finally over. If only we could say the same for the chaos liberalism has unleashed. 2021 has been more of the same:

Shootings in South Los Angeles rose 742% in the first two weeks of the year. In Oakland, homicides were up 500% and shootings up 126% through Jan. 17. In New York, murders were up 42% and shooting victims up 15% through Jan. 17.

According to the media, everything will get better, now that Biden’s handlers control the White House. In reality, everything will get worse:

During the campaign, [Biden] claimed without justification that African-Americans rightly feared that their loved ones could be killed by a cop every time they stepped outside. His criminal-justice blueprint promises to eliminate racial disparities in law enforcement. Given vast racial disparities in the commission of crimes, that can be done only by eliminating law enforcement itself.

The federal government will now impose the same demented leftist policies that have been making our largest cities uninhabitable.

[T]he Biden Justice Department will treat disparate stop or arrest rates as evidence of police bias and seek to put as many police departments as possible under costly consent decrees. It will even try to extend its oversight authority to local prosecutors’ offices, should district attorneys generate racially disparate charging data (an inevitability, in light of the reality of crime).

Attempting to shoehorn reality into a delusional ideology inevitably causes a great deal of pain.

High-profile homicide trials of police officers will take place this year in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Louisville and Rochester, N.Y. If there are acquittals, more riots—followed by an even greater shooting surge—seem likely.

Alternatively, officers innocent of the crimes they are accused of may be sent to prison as sacrificial offerings to the Black Lives Matter mob. This will have an even worse effect, emboldening the mob and demoralizing the police still further.

Civilization is more delicate than people realize. If we do not cure ourselves of liberalism soon, it will collapse.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 22 2021

Bill to Force Police to Get College Degree

How can you impose a police state when the police may not have been brainwashed into rejecting Americanism in favor of your oligarchical collectivist ideology? This troubles Democrats like Rep Steve Cohen. But Oregon, ever at the cutting edge of leftism, has devised a solution:

Oregon state lawmakers are considering a bill that would require all Oregon law enforcement officers to earn four-year college degrees, regardless of how long they have served.

Senate Bill 612, the brainchild of Senator Lew Frederick (D – Portland), would apply to every police officer, correction officer, probation and parole officer, reserve officer and regulatory specialist within the state.

No doubt all law enforcement officers will be deeply enriched by being forced to take years of classes on how they are racist sexist homophobes and their country stinks, which appears to comprise the heart of the college curriculum these days.

Officers who are currently employed within the state of Oregon would have to earn their degrees within the next four years under the proposed bill, or else they would be fired.

That’s one way of defunding the police: force out as many as possible by making the job unendurable. There will be hardly anyone left to fund. This has worked great in Portland’s sister city Seattle.

The post-secondary education requirement would apply to all officers – nearly all of whom are already working full-time covering shifts around the clock – and does not include any exceptions for officers who have been working in law enforcement positions for years.

Some cops work second jobs to support their families, because they don’t get paid much to lay their lives on the line to protect a public that has been instructed by the liberal establishment to despise them. They don’t necessarily have a lot of spare time.

The bill is currently in committee. It’s chief sponsor Lew Frederick has been a busy moonbat:

Frederick also introduced Senate Bill 619 [last] Monday to pay reparations to black Oregonians.

Under his proposed bill, $123,000 would be paid out annually to each person for the rest of their life.

With liberals in charge, being oppressed is more remunerative than working for a living.

The lucky recipients would not have to pay state, county, or city taxes on the massive handout. In utopia, taxpayers and the racially sacred will belong to totally separate castes.

Frederick’s background is unsurprising: reporter for 17 years, Director of Public Information at Portland Public Schools for 13 years, on the State Board of Education. By a fortunate coincidence, he is of the appropriate race to cash in on the reparations. A guy like Senator Frederick knows how hurtful it is to be marginalized.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 13 2021

Hunting Down Trump Supporters

In the aftermath of the Capitol debacle, it is time for the liberal establishment to hunt down Trump supporters.

Even the US Fish and Wildlife Service is taking part:

A manatee was found with the word “TRUMP” scrawled on its back in a Florida swimming hole, prompting an investigation from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, reports said Monday.

The defenseless animal was spotted with the political inscription over the weekend in the Blue Hole headwaters of the Homosassa River in Citrus County — about 80 miles northwest of Orlando, the Citrus County Chronicle reported.

What kind of fiend would do something like this to a defenseless animal that for all we know votes Democrat?

Alert citizens promptly made this a federal case:

Witnesses reported the animal to federal authorities, the outlet said.

Punishment could be severe:

[Senior federal wildlife officer Craig] Cavana said harassment of manatees, which are protected by the Endangered Species Act, is a Class A federal crime that carried a $50,000 fine and/or up to a year in federal prison, the outlet reported.

In a more serious development,

A Philadelphia police detective is being investigated for allegedly attending the “Stop the Steal” rally ahead of Wednesday’s deadly US Capitol riot, department officials said.

Detective Jennifer Gugger … was removed from her role Saturday after internal affairs investigators received Facebook posts indicating her presence at the protest, department sources told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fair enough, if Gugger is suspected of taking part in the illegal antics inside the Capitol. However,

The tip didn’t include evidence that Gugger was inside the Capitol or took part in the ensuing violence that led to five deaths, the newspaper reported.

How would liberals like it if people who took part in the George Floyd protests were subjected to investigations, even if there was no indication of involvement in actual rioting? The screeching about civil rights would be deafening.

Cops didn’t need to attend the protest to get in hot water. A mere endorsement could be enough:

The Oakland Police Department has opened an investigation into allegations that its officers endorsed or participated on social media accounts that contain objectionable content about the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“Whether on or off duty, employees of OPD are prohibited from affiliating with subversive groups, and they are prohibited from doing anything that brings disrepute to the Department and erodes the public’s trust,” the department said in a statement Friday.

That policy is only as reasonable as its application. Reasonableness is in short supply lately, particularly in the Bay Area. In the current climate, this could be abused to drive off the force anyone discovered to have political views that deviate from the left–liberal line.

The specific infraction inspiring the Oakland investigation is liking a Facebook post about storming the Capitol by a former officer who left the force 6 years ago.

The coming merger of Big Tech and Big Government will make these investigations a cinch. No doubt Silicon Valley stands ready to provide long lists of thought criminals. There isn’t much that Google/Amazon/Facebook/Twitter/Apple doesn’t know about anyone.

On tips from Wiggins.

Jan 06 2021

Counselor Beaten to Death by Misunderstood Youths

Moonbats like de facto president-elect Kamala Harris bark that we must “reimagine safety and public safety in America” because police are racist. Instead of armed law enforcement officers trained to deal with violence, liberals would send in social workers to deescalate the situation. A recent event at the nonprofit organization Wayfinder Family Services in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles County indicates how likely that is to work out.

Counselor David Mcknight-Hillman, age 25, was responsible for day-to-day care of the residents at this nonprofit organization. He was found severely beaten and taken to the hospital, where he died.

Via NBC4 Los Angeles:

Investigators determined that Mcknight-Hillman was attempting to break up a fight when he was assaulted by seven people — two 18-year-olds and five juveniles…

If only Mcknight-Hillman had been more sensitive and patient with them…

On a tip from Eddie_Valiant.

Jan 05 2021

Jon Ossoff No Friend of Police Either

Radical racist Raphael Warnock isn’t the only Senate candidate in Georgia with limited use for the police. Boyish trust fund socialist Jon Ossoff is no friend of law enforcement either:

On Wednesday, Ossoff, campaigning in Marietta, Georgia said that he is opposed to local law enforcement authorities cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through the 287(g) program, which permits local officers to turn over criminal illegal aliens to ICE for arrest and deportation, according to Breitbart.

This is consistent with the current Democrat policy of opening the floodgates wide to illegal immigration, to hell with the many Americans looking for work.

“I think that federal immigration law should be the purview of federal authorities and not local law enforcement, and here’s why, here’s why I oppose the 287(g) program,” Ossoff said.

“There have to be bonds of trust between local communities and law enforcement.”

Characteristically of Democrats, Ossoff’s duckspeak runs 180° contrary to the truth. As you might guess from its cop-demonizing Black Lives Matter rhetoric, his party opposes the trust between local communities and law enforcement. As noted earlier, this is a prime reason for the Democrats’ war on police. If Dems try to implement their full agenda (gun confiscation, Green New Deal insanity, etc), there will be pushback. They don’t want local police siding with their neighbors against the federal Debt Star.

Actually, the 287(g) program does not apply until illegal aliens are already in jail. The idea is to prevent criminal illegal aliens from getting released back onto the streets to commit further crimes. But Ossoff doesn’t need to know what he’s talking about. He just needs to bark the current left-wing talking points and vote the way Chuck Schumer tells him so as to “change America” into a very different country.

Ossoff also advocates amnesty for the many millions of illegal aliens in the country, a move that would result in millions more crossing the border. He can’t be too clueless to understand the effect this will have on the unemployment rate. A demographic transformation that will ensure Democrat preeminence is all that matters to this party, which openly opposes its own country’s interests.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Dec 31 2020

Indian Wars Resume in New Mexico

Despite the Cleveland Indians caving to the wokesters by changing their name, Indians still suffer miserably in this land of oppression, because law enforcement is systemically racist. A Native American was even tased for walking his dog.

The Washington Post weeps, via MSN:

Darrell House was walking through the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque on Sunday with his dog and his sister when he strayed off the marked trail. House, who identifies as Native American, says that he’s often done so in the past to pray on land he considers his ancestral home.

This time, though, he was confronted by a National Park Service ranger. Moments later, House was lying on the ground in a fetal position, crying for help as the officer repeatedly used a Taser on him.

House says that he has a right to trespass on land closed to the public. He identifies as an Indian; therefore, it is his property.

House told KRQE he believes the officer used excessive force against him because he is Native American.

House wasn’t arrested, but the police did oppress him with three citations.

WaPo admits that House refused to provide correct identification and defiantly walked away from the officer. To get a fuller picture of what happened, turn to a more credible news source, like TMZ:

The ranger repeatedly tells the man all he’s going to do is issue him and the woman a warning … that’s it, but he needs their ID so it can go in the system in case they try to hike on the same trail again at New Mexico’s Petroglyph National Monument.

The man refuses, and says Native Americans and the government don’t mesh well, adding, “You’re on our land.”

This goes on for nearly 8 minutes. The ranger calls for backup as Chief House walks away, despite the ranger’s order to stay. The ranger then warns Chief House he will tase him if he doesn’t cooperate, but he’s having none of it.

After almost 8 minutes, the ranger fires his taser.

Good thing House didn’t suffer a fentanyl overdose. The media would be exhorting people to mostly peacefully loot stores and burn down police stations.

Here’s what House looks like, and presumably not just on Halloween. On social media, he calls himself “Chief House,” but don’t you call him that, or you will probably get canceled for racism. The dog is named Geronimo, after the Apache renegade who led raids against the white man.

Having demanded an attitude adjustment, House received one, but it does not seem to have taken hold. He boldly asserts that he will continue to trespass on land closed to the public on the grounds that “That is my right.” Another encounter with a taser awaits in his future.

On tips from Bluto and Lyle.

Dec 24 2020

Differences Between George Floyd and Ernie Serrano

There are not many differences between Saint George Floyd and Ernie Serrano. One is that you have probably never heard of Serrano. The Police Tribune tells his story:

Riverside County [California] Sheriff Chad Bianco said that it began when 33-year-old Ernie Serrano’s family called 911 on Dec. 14 and complained that he was “not acting rationally, and was out of control,” KABC reported.

Officers responded to the home and found Serrano “belligerent, aggressive and displaying obvious signs of being under the influence,” according to Sheriff Bianco. …

He was released on his own recognizance the next morning because of pandemic restrictions.

That night, Serrano went to the Stater Bros. grocery store on Crestmore Road in Jurupa Valley and began exhibiting bizarre behavior, KABC reported.

Serrano struggled with a security guard for nearly 10 minutes, reportedly trying to take his gun. A taser, pepper spray, and even batons had minimal effect. Four deputies were required to pin him down on a checkout counter.

Videos showed that deputies held Serrano chest down on the checkout counter for almost eight minutes and repeatedly asked him to calm down.

Sound familiar?

Suddenly, the video showed, Serrano became quiet and stopped moving, KABC reported.

Deputies and paramedics tried to save him, but…

He was pronounced dead at Riverside Community Hospital.

Sheriff Bianco said Monday that the preliminary autopsy results indicated that Serrano had died of acute methamphetamine intoxication with fatal arrhythmia, KABC reported.

With George Floyd, it was mainly fentanyl, although Floyd also had methamphetamine in his system (not to mention COVID-19).

Both Floyd and Serrano had violent criminal records. The only significant difference between them is that Floyd had darker skin. That’s why cities were looted and burned on his behalf as the liberal establishment cheered.

On a tip from Henry.

Dec 23 2020

Eric Garcetti: Money Taken From Police Must Go to Moonbattery

When urban progressives defund the police despite soaring crime rates, at least taxpayers get some of their money back, right? Just kidding of course. Not only do characters like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti keep the money, they insist that it be put toward a destructive purpose:

Garcetti vetoed a plan backed by black and Latino members of the City Council to redistribute money cut from the police Tuesday because he said it was too focused on everyday needs and not on the “call of history.”

The “call of history” means pernicious moonbattery.

The plan, which was originally passed 13-2, included funding to trim trees, improve parks, and repair sidewalks in poor neighborhoods.

No dice; too constructive. If Garcetti wanted to help minority neighborhoods, he would see to it that they are policed sufficiently.

A little background:

In June, as the city was under curfew and the National Guard was on the streets, Garcetti acceded to a demand by Black Lives Matter activists to defund the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) by $150 million, more than 10% of the budget.

The terrorists did not have to twist his arm very hard.

The funding was to be redistributed to “communities of color.”

This is known as “racial justice” or more accurately as “racial spoils.”

The move led to a collapse in morale within the police department, and coincided with a surge in homicides in Los Angeles.

You can’t make a leftist omelet without breaking eggs. If you want a pretext for a gun grab, breaking eggs may be the objective.

How to waste the money in a way that would suit Garcetti? A giant golden statue of fentanyl casualty George Floyd? No good; not local enough. Better to make it a statue of Floyd’s fellow career criminal Deonte Murray, who was arrested for seriously wounding two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies in an attempted assassination on September 12, presumably as part of the mostly peaceful protesting that had led to the police being defunded.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Dec 16 2020

Orange County Sheriff Resists Releasing Criminals

The war that liberals have been waging against the police is specifically a war on local police. You won’t hear demands from the Democrats to defund the politicized FBI. Progressives hate local police because they tend to be responsible, patriotic Americans, loyal to the communities they serve, rather than to centralized Big Government or leftist ideology. Orange County, California Sheriff Don Barnes, for example.

Via Fox News:

Barnes pushed back against an “absurd” order from a local Superior Court judge ordering the release of 1,800 inmates, including some who are locked up for murder and child molestation, due to the coronavirus.

“I have no intention of doing that, of releasing those individuals back into the community. I think they pose a serious threat,” Barnes told “Fox & Friends.”

As noted yesterday, Judge Peter Wilson ordered half the population of the Orange County’s jail unleashed upon the public, because COVID-19. This comes after a 45% reduction last spring.

“We’ve released 1,400 inmates to date since March for low-level offenders. The only inmates remaining now are serious offenders,” [Barnes] explained. “Of the medically vulnerable, 90 of them are in custody for murder or attempted murder, 94 for child molestation.”

Just wait until the full effects of electing George Gascon District Attorney of neighboring Los Angeles County kick in. The only people in jail will be law-abiding citizens who seek shelter there to escape the violent chaos to which liberals have reduced the streets. In the meantime, patriots like Barnes will defend the dying embers of civilization from leftist zealots like Wilson.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.

Dec 13 2020

Leaked Zoom Call Reveals Biden’s Plans for Police

The nice thing about Zoom calls is that sometimes they get leaked to the public, allowing us to be a fly on the wall at meetings of corrupt and tyrannical politicians. In the video below, Joe Biden confirms that he will advance the Democrat objective of hamstringing local police, which has already resulted in a disastrous escalation of crime rates. But Biden says don’t talk about it until after the Georgia runoff. Democrats certainly wouldn’t want us to know what they have planned for us while we are still able to restrict their power at the ballot box:

Remember that, Democrats. Don’t say, “Defund the police.” Say, “Hold the police accountable.” It means the same thing (i.e., “Disable the police”), but is easier for the media to spin.

On a tip from Kevin R.

Dec 10 2020

Reimaging Police in DC

When leftists like Kamala Harris bark the Democrat talking point that we must “reimagine” police, the result looks something like this:

[A] “reformed” criminal hired by the District of Columbia’s chief legal officer to help curb violence has been arrested and charged with murder. The case involves a taxpayer-funded public safety program known as Cure the Streets launched by D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine to reduce gun violence by treating it as a disease that can be interrupted and stopped from spreading. Cure the Streets typically hires men and women with criminal histories as violence interrupters because they know first-hand about the challenges that residents of crime-infested communities live with. Racine, who was reelected to a second term in 2018, says the transformed criminals hired by his program perform community-driven public safety work that can avoid using police.

We have to avoid using the police, because according to liberal ideology local police are racist. So Democrats make flowery gestures as the streets run with blood. When the problem they have created gets bad enough, they will impose the solution: gun confiscation and federalized police.

The arrested violence interrupter is career criminal Cotey Wynn, whose résumé already included felony murder, first-degree murder, dealing cocaine, et cetera. He can now add a charge of second-degree murder while armed.

At the time of his arrest Wynn was under the supervision of the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia, a federal agency that believes preventative detention should only be a last resort for defendants, who should live in the least restrictive conditions while awaiting court.

That belief has been driving the elimination of bail in Democrat strongholds like New York and Los Angeles, ensuring that more people like Wynn are unleashed on the public.

In a profile posted on the [DC] Attorney General’s website over the summer, Wynn was portrayed as somewhat of a saint. “When observing Cotey at work, you see a respected professional, a loving father, a devoted friend, and a pillar of the community,” according to the piece which includes a photo of the accused murderer delivering resources to D.C. residents during COIVD-19. The story also reveals that Wynn could not find a job after a decade in prison since “the damage to his reputation made it hard for him to find employment” so D.C. government hired him as a violence interrupter for Cure the Streets.

Then he allegedly shot 53-year-old Eric Linnair Wright and wound up back in jail. Moonbattery bashes its hull into the rocks of reality yet again.

No worries; Wynn is sure to be back on the streets before long, curing them and posing for profiles.

On a tip from R F.

Dec 07 2020

Why Moonbats Hate Cops: Sheriff Chad Bianco

On the surface, the demented hostility of the Party of Government toward the police seems counterintuitive. How can you have a police state if you have defunded the police? But it is not police in general that Democrats oppose; it is local police. If you wonder why, consider the refusal of Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco to impose the COVID-19 tyranny decreed by flagrant coronavirus hypocrite Gavin Newsom.

The key quote from the video below:

“The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department will not be blackmailed, bullied, or used as muscle against Riverside County residents in the enforcement of the Governor’s orders.”

Then he put a cherry on top by wishing viewers a Merry Christmas, no doubt causing tolerant liberals like Newsom to grind their teeth in rage.

Fortunately, Sheriff Bianco is not alone.

Tyrants won’t get pushback like that when federal swamp creatures like James Comey and John Brennan control law enforcement.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and seaoh.

Dec 03 2020

Woke Minneapolis Sees 537% Rise in Carjackings

Minneapolis — site of the drug-induced martyrdom of career criminal George Floyd, ignition site of the hundreds of antipolice Black Lives Matter riots encouraged by the liberal establishment, and birthplace of the defund the police movement, where the openly pro-riot City Council promised to dismantle the police department — is in the news once again, this time for a remarkable rise in carjackings:

Over the past two months, Minneapolis police have logged more than 125 carjackings in the city…

Within a one-hour period Saturday morning, police reported three separate carjackings in southeast Minneapolis, including one where an elderly woman was struck on the head. Such attacks are up 537% this month when compared with last November.

Woke Minneapolis has more to offer than carjackings:

The spree comes amid a nearly unprecedented spike in violent crime, particularly shootings, since the May 25 killing [sic] of George Floyd in police custody and the civil unrest that followed.

In November, the toll of people shot this year surpassed 500 in Minneapolis, the most in 15 years. Seventy-nine homicides is the highest count since the mid-1990s, an era when the city earned the grim moniker “Murderapolis.”

At least the leftists running Murderapolis have learned their lesson and will stop undermining the police in the name of their grotesque ideology, right? Wrong:

Several members of the council introduced a plan Friday that would institute additional cuts to the Minneapolis Police Department and make the city’s reduction in law enforcement permanent. The plan would cut about $8 million from the police budget and shrink the MPD force by 15%.

Being liberal means never having to say you’re sorry, because no matter how bad your moonbattery blows up in everyone’s face, it is somebody else’s fault. No doubt systemic racism or economic inequality is to blame for the transition of Minneapolis into New Mogadishu.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Dec 02 2020

Crackdown on Lockdown-Defying Staten Island Bar

Despite the defunding craze, progressives only want to degrade the police, not abolish them. Without police, how can you have a police state like the one that is taking hold in New York? Thanks to ChiCom virus hysteria, the gloves are coming off:

The New York City Sheriff’s Department raided a Staten Island bar Tuesday night, shutting down the business and arresting one of its owners after the bar continued regular operation despite coronavirus lockdown measures.

Mac’s Public House had declared itself an “autonomous zone” and thereby not subject to Andrew Cuomo’s arbitrary coronavirus decrees. As we saw in Seattle, when hooligans occupy property that does not belong to them in the name of leftist ideology, authorities leave them to it for weeks on end. Business owners trying to make a living are treated differently.

The bar is located inside an “orange zone,” which, under the health guidelines, means that it is limited to offering outdoor dining and takeout and delivery services only.

Outdoor dining in New York City in December is not going to keep many businesses afloat.

When Danny Presti, who co-owns the establishment with Keith McAlarney, wouldn’t cooperate, he was taken away in handcuffs.

Too bad they didn’t think to spray the window with Black Lives Matter graffiti and bring in a statue of George Washington to smash. Orders would have come down to leave them alone.

The bar had already been subjected to thousands of dollars in fines and had its state liquor license revoked in the days prior.

Authoritarianism doesn’t work unless nails that stand up get hammered down.

Mac’s had been attempting to skirt lockdown restrictions and circumvent their licenses being revoked by offering food and beverages for free while asking patrons for donations.

It’s hard to get off on a technicality when the crime is not so much selling food and drink as it is the owners’ defiant attitude.

Greg Kelly provides a platform to Staten Island’s COVID criminals:

They couldn’t find the manpower to keep Black Lives Matter riots from getting out of hand, but the authorities sure have Mac’s Public House under control.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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