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May 13 2022

Animals and Plants Lawyer Up

If it were up to 49 of 50 Democrat Senators, humans would have no rights whatsoever up to the moment of birth. Yet liberals demand human rights for animals, plants, and even things that are not alive.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the lawyers of an elephant named Happy have filed a writ of habeas corpus, proclaiming her incarceration without due process at the Bronx Zoo is unlawful. Happy is not alone among nonhumans in enjoying legal representation:

In Florida, two lakes, a marsh and two streams sued to stop a development project. In Minnesota, manoomin, a type of wild rice, has filed a lawsuit to block an oil pipeline. Happy’s lawyers, the nonprofit Nonhuman Rights Project, have represented whales, chimpanzees and dolphins who they argue have the complex cognitive abilities and autonomy to merit legal personhood.

As for the cognitive abilities and autonomy of marshes and rice, they are at least equivalent to Joe Biden’s.

The moonbattery is global:

Courts and governments in countries including New Zealand, Bangladesh, India and Colombia have debated the rights of rivers, mountains and landscapes. Ecuador’s constitution gives “pachamama,” which translates to “Mother Earth,” a legally enforceable right to exist and flourish.

Proclaims Happy’s lawyer Seven Wise:

“We are trying to change the world.”

That’s what moonbats have been doing, all right — and not in favor of humans. All of the rights they want to bestow on animals, vegetables, swamps, etc. come at the expense of people.

Idaho lawmakers this spring passed a bill that bans environmental elements, artificial intelligence, nonhuman animals and inanimate objects from gaining personhood. Rep. Tammy Nichols, a Republican, said she introduced the bill because her constituents were concerned that a natural rights movement threatened the state’s farm industry and resources like lumber and minerals.

“If a pig has co-equal rights to you or I, and a farmer wanted to butcher that pig, it would be similar to the farmer wanting to butcher you or I,” she said. “That pig would have rights, so you can’t just go kill it.”

The same could go for eating rice.

As the abortion and global warming issues make clear, moonbattery is at its heart an antihuman ideology. That is what makes it more profoundly evil than any other form of totalitarianism, no matter how self-righteously people might like elephants.

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