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May 13 2022

Biden Appointee Praises ChiCom Tyranny

The Biden Regime has pursued inflationary policy so aggressively that you might think Biden’s handlers are using Venezuela or Zimbabwe as a role model. Actually, the template for Democrats as they fundamentally transform America is based more on the totalitarian nightmare Mao Zedong established in China. They come close to admitting it:

Biden tapped Dominic Ng, the chairman of East West Bank, to represent the United States on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council (ABAC), comprised of a group of business leaders that advises governments on issues in the region.

While speaking at the Future of Asia Conference in 2018, Ng appeared to praise the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian economic system, remarking “there is nothing better than that.” Ng made the admission while answering a question about the future of China’s economy and a potential crash. …

The Chinese Communist Party, explained Ng, can “control the media to not get out of control” and stop them from “spreading rumors that would hurt the economy”…

We now have a Ministry of Truth for that sort of thing.

Ng’s comments follow his unearthed ties to a bevy of Chinese Communist Party-linked foreign influence groups including the Committee of 100 and the China United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), which function as part of China’s United Front Work Department (UFWD).

According to our own State Department, UFWD advances ChiCom interests by infiltrating our media, universities, and government.

Personnel is policy. That’s why it is so alarming that Biden’s handlers keep appointing communists and other malevolent kooks.

The communist Chinese government to which his appointees and even Biden himself have ties is the most malevolent in all of human history, based on the number of its own people it has killed. Mao’s genocidal regime was never overthrown, but evolved into today’s China, where the same utter contempt for the liberty and very lives of the Chinese people continues to be on open display, with people locked in their apartments to starve lest they spread Covid.

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