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Nov 30 2020

Another Holiday Ban Fail

Authorities are appalled that Americans celebrated Thanksgiving despite their disapproval. Despite all the warnings and proscriptions, almost 50 million people were estimated to have traveled over the weekend. We are told that anyone who did so to gather for Thanksgiving can assume they have the ChiCom virus.

They managed to deflate the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, but they couldn’t stop Thanksgiving, any more than they could stop the Fourth of July. Remember this, from back in the summer?

Mayor Eric Garcetti discussed the pausing of businesses reopening in Los Angeles and beaches being ordered to close on the Fourth of July weekend to help slow the spread of the virus.

“We simply cannot risk people’s lives” by allowing them to go on with their lives, Garcetti barked.

He then announced that, along with the beach closures, Fourth of July firework displays would be prohibited in hope of keeping Angelenos from gathering in groups.

Also, he said, “Gatherings of people you do not live with are not allowed.”

So much for the right of the people peacefully to assemble, one of the constitutional liberties we celebrate on the Fourth.

But wait… when asked about the anti-American Black Lives Matter riots that were laying waste to statues of the Founding Fathers throughout the country, Garcetti said, “Keep your social distance and wear masks. People can — and should — still exercise their first amendment rights.”

Here’s how his ban of fireworks turned out:

They won’t be able to ban Christmas either, even if CNN says we “we just can’t do” Christmas this year.

Sensible precautions are encouraged. Submitting to long-term lockdown is not.

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