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Nov 30 2020

Willie Brown: California Senator Must Be Black Woman

The liberal establishment shrieks that anyone right of center needs to be silenced for being “racist.” The word “sexist” is also used as a cudgel. Meanwhile:

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is going on a media blitz demanding that California Gov. Gavin Newsom nominate a Black woman to succeed Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the United States Senate.

Maybe he should add another necessary qualification: being able to read and write. You might think that goes without saying, like the unspoken requirement that the candidate be a knee-jerk leftist. But with some of the candidates Democrats produce these days, you can’t be sure. Joe Biden can still read a teleprompter (usually), but we won’t know if he can write his name until he starts signing bills to ban firearms, hate speech, internal combustion engines, et cetera — and he doesn’t even have black woman status to compensate for his shortcomings.

Willie Brown isn’t just any former mayor. He’s a Democrat kingmaker — or queenmaker, in the case of Kamala Harris. No word on whether the black female Senate nominee has to go through his personal vetting process like Harris did.

Barks Brown:

“Why would you replace the only Black woman with somebody other than a Black person?”

Good thing whites don’t think that way. Since the USA was created by whites, no one else would be qualified for office. Fortunately for Willie Brown, Kamala Harris, and probably the next senator from California, white people are too racist to exclude other races.

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