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May 13 2021

Antifa Moonbats Call for Whites to Be Lynched

Even after a year of rioting, many are unclear on what exactly Antifa wants, other than to show its support for Black Lives Matter. This helps to clarify:

An Antifa protester at a demonstration near Seattle was filmed proudly proclaiming, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people.”

She was asked to repeat her proclamation; she did so proudly. Then her sentiment was seconded.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, the leftists also chanted “death to America!” while burning U.S. flags.

They hate white people, they hate America, they hate the police, they hate capitalism, they hate they hate they hate. That’s what they stand for. They have been conditioned to believe that their deranged hatred makes them good people.

The Democratic Party finds them useful, or they would get the same treatment as those suspected of being at the Capitol Riot, instead of being allowed and even encouraged to run wild.


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