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Jan 28 2023

AP Strikes the Word “The” From Newspeak Dictionary

According to the postmodernist concepts that comprise the foundation of modern liberalism, power is achieved through control of language. That’s why they tell us what words we can use. They started with nouns, proclaiming anodyne terms like “Negro” and “squaw” to be racist. They attacked adjectives, deforming Latino and Latina into Latinx. They demanded that we divorce pronouns from biological reality. Now they have begun to go after articles.

AP Stylebook struck the word “the” from the Newspeak Dictionary with a tweet reading,

“We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing ‘the’ labels such as the poor, the mentally ill, the French, the disabled, the college-educated. Instead, use wording such as people with mental illnesses. And use these descriptions only when clearly relevant.”

You would think that by declaring the word “the” to be offensive, liberals had reached the last extreme of absurdity. But their capacity for self-parody is without limit.

Now AP is apologizing to the French for referring to “the French” in their denunciation of the word “the”:

The AP official account tweeted Friday morning, “The use of ‘the French’ in this tweet by @AP was inappropriate and has caused unintended offense. An updated tweet is upcoming.”

Imagine trusting these moonbats to tell you what is going on in the world.


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