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Jan 28 2023

Liberal Authorities Make Progress Toward Erasing Women

Even progressives who explicitly owe their positions of power to being women cannot define what a woman is because according to their ideology, there is no such thing as a woman in any meaningful sense. Yet women are quite real. That’s why they must be erased. Social engineers are busily working on it.

Oregon, California, and Minnesota have made progress by moving to mandate tampon dispensers in the men’s room (and let’s not forget Ireland’s parliament). Arizona State University follows this up with the next logical step: urinals in the women’s room:

If a woman might have a use for a urinal, then what is a woman? Nothing in particular.

Meanwhile, the trend of wokifying medical care gathers steam:

A government account for the island of Jersey left one crucial demographic out of a post encouraging cervical screenings—women.

As medical students will not be permitted to learn for much longer, biology contradicts moonbattery in that only a woman can have a cervix.

On Twitter, the account wrote, “If you are a transgender man, a gender non-conforming person, or assigned female at birth and with a cervix, you can book your free cervical screening today. Contact your GP or Le Bas Centre on 443781. We are working to make it as comfortable as possible for you.”

Jersey isn’t alone:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director (CDC) Rochelle Walensky [used] the phrase “pregnant people” while recommending women getting the highly effective COVID-19 vaccine.

It would be more natural to say “pregnant women.” But there is nothing natural about LGBT dogma.

Based Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) responds:

“The recent movement to erase women is disturbing, and has made its way into our bureaucracy.”

As any enlightened liberal can condescendingly remind her, Senator Blackburn stands on the wrong side of history. She will be erased.

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