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Dec 02 2021

Apes Canceled From Greeting Cards

Until it encounters sufficient resistance, moonbattery never stops escalating to ever more insane extremes of self-parody. Banishing Indians from butter packaging lest someone find a pretext to be offended wasn’t nutty enough. Now they are canceling apes from greeting cards.

Washington Examiner reports:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced on Monday that CVS would no longer sell greeting cards featuring “great apes” dressed up in an assortment of outfits.

Everyone expects PETA to be outrageously wacky. The problem is that when woke bullies push, corporate invertebrates move. Rite Aid has also knuckled under.

PETA’s argument is absurd, unsurprisingly:

PETA argued portraying great apes such as chimpanzees and gorillas in cute outfits or interacting with humans “hinder conservation efforts” and mislead people into thinking chimpanzees are thriving rather than facing extinction. These portrayals could convince others to buy great apes as pets through the black market, the organization argued.

The actual motive is the same as for left-wing activism in general. Bullies get a kick out of pushing people around.

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