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May 05 2021

Artists Confront Covid Restrictions

One of the key institutions that leftists had to co-opt to achieve dominance is the arts — not just the pretentious art establishment, but actual artists. Like youth, artists are natural rebels, but they have been duped for decades into believing that statist left-wing ideology is somehow rebellious.

As leftists consolidate power, artists will realize that rebellious and revolutionary don’t mean the same thing — especially when the revolution is engineered from above. With luck, they will figure this out while it is still possible for them to do some good. Soon art that does not support the liberal narrative will get stamped out faster than YouTube videos accused of contradicting the World Health Organization.

This production by Ooana Trien is encouraging:

Ooana Trien says she was inspired by theatrical director and producer Vsevolod Meyerhold, and notes that he “was tortured and murdered at the hands of Stalin.”

Regarding the Ionesco quote at the end,

“He was an absurdist artist, intellectual and essayist who was born in Romania and lived in France during the rise and tragedies of Stalin, Hitler and Mao. He also wrote, ‘I’ve always been suspicious of collective truths.’ I share that in common with him.”

Art is not just for moonbats.

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