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May 05 2021

Leftists Also Want to Pack House of Representatives

Currently, a favored leftist technique for subverting the institutions that have protected the USA from tyranny for centuries is to pack them.

As Biden made clear even before the election, and Pelosi recently confirmed, the threat of packing hangs over the Supreme Court. If it does not let Democrats run roughshod over the Constitution, it will be packed with rubber stamp apparatchiks. Legislation has already been proposed.

Biden also supports packing the Senate by adding Washington, DC as a state — Constitution be damned — because any population that would elect Marion Barry and Muriel Bowser as mayors would always elect two Democrats. Needy Puerto Rico will not be far behind.

Why stop there? The Nation wants to pack the House of Representatives:

Rigidly sticking with a membership of 435 diminishes representation, decreases diversity, and undermines democracy. …

A simple act of Congress could address the crude calculus that, with each new census, makes the House a less representative chamber. …

Along with advocacy for voting rights, elimination of the Electoral College, an end to gerrymandering, and D.C. statehood and full representation rights for US territories that are not states, democracy advocates should seek an expansion of the House that reflects this country’s continual growth and increasing diversity.

House-packers might apply the Wyoming Rule. That would take the total population, divide it by the population of the least populated state, and then apportion seats to states based on the resulting number.

Under the Wyoming Rule, the size of the House would grow by an estimated 138 seats as a result of the 2020 Census. Instead of losing a seat, New York would gain as many as nine seats. California, where the population grew by 6.1 percent over the past decade (a 2 million-person spike) but which is currently slated to lose a seat, would instead add as many as 17 seats.

The Biden Administration has revised the 2020 Census estimates to give more representation to Democrat-dominated states.

A time when Americans have been at each other’s throats, with unscrupulous radicals controlling the government by a thin majority, is not a time to tamper with a system that has worked better than any other since the 18th century.

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