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Jul 23 2021

Artsy Influence Peddling Scheme Moves Forward

In all his long history of enlisting relatives as bagmen to haul in influence peddling proceeds, never has Joe Biden been more ostentatiously corrupt than now, as he stands by and watches his cocaine-crazed degenerate son sell ho-hum artwork that he most likely did not produce himself to secret buyers for vast sums of cash.

As former Obama ethics chief Walter Shaub said last month, “At a minimum, the president should be asking his son not to go through with this.”

However, putting a stop to it would prevent the Big Guy from getting his cut. So the farcical shows goes on:

Despite the ethics concerns raised by Hunter Biden’s new painting “career,” the son of President Joe Biden still plans to meet with prospective buyers of his works at two upcoming shows.

The events will occur in Los Angeles and New York City. Buyers will likely come from farther afield.

Afterward, the pricey art is likely to turn up in restroom trashcans at the airport, after the buyers make their way back to Beijing. What they will come to buy is Biden’s favor. Otherwise, no one would be willing to pay as much as $500,000 for art worth a tiny fraction of that.

Another ethical concern is the galleries’ decision to withhold all transactional records — including the identities of bidders and final buyers, and the amounts paid for the artwork.

Whether that information will be withheld from the Big Guy is doubtful. Fortunately for him, the establishment media that put him in power will show minimal interest and then let the story die.

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