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Jul 23 2021

San Francisco’s Pricey New Trash Cans

No wonder the feds are inflating our currency. Liberal governance is so expense, no matter how confiscatory the tax rates, more money will always be needed. In San Francisco, the city so liberal it sends Nancy Pelosi to Congress, new trash cans will cost $12,000 to $20,000 apiece.

Existing cans are regarded as hideous, are usually overflowing, and allow the derelicts that progressive policies have drawn to San Francisco in vast numbers to break into them to root for recyclables, in the process spreading trash all over for the rats to play in. Some recyclers find it convenient to pull out the bin and dump the whole mess on the sidewalk, which in San Francisco is often smeared with human waste anyway.

When mass-produced, the cost per can will drop to an estimated $2,000 to $3,000. Still, supervisors balked at the price to get there.

Nonetheless, a committee of the Board of Supervisors has agreed to a pilot program to test out the new cans. Since it took the bureaucrats in Public Works 3 years to come up with a prototype, they don’t want to delay any further.

The city worked with a designer on a custom trash can, hence the outlandish cost. The old cans cost $1,218 apiece back in 2018. Who knows what the next batch will cost in 2024 or so?

Speaking of cost,

Public Works is asking supervisors to approve spending $537,000 from $840,000 on reserve to cover design costs for 15 trash cans, 10 garbage carts with wheels that go inside the stationary can, management, some existing trash can models and contingency money for unknown costs.

They might have gone with a model already in use somewhere else and saved a fortune, but local taxpayers don’t mind being looted, or they already would have escaped the area.

No matter how much they spend, trash all over the place will continue to be a problem, for local cultural reasons. As Lower Haight resident Marian Chatfield-Taylor observes,

“You could ask Frank Lloyd Wright to design a trash can, but if you don’t care whether (your street) is clean or dirty, you won’t put it in the trash can.”

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