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May 04 2021

Asian Attacked With Hammer on NYC Sidewalk

According to the media narrative, white supremacists are a mortal thread to Asians, because Trump said “China virus.” In reality, the threat comes from elsewhere:

Police in Manhattan are looking for a woman who attacked an Asian woman with a hammer Sunday night near Times Square.

The 31-year-old recent FIT graduate was walking with a friend to the subway when she was attacked. The pair thought it would be safer for them to go together.

No one is safe in a city run by moonbats, where lunatics run wild, the mayor paints murals in support of rioters, and the police have been marginalized.

The attacker is described as a middle-aged white guy in a MAGA cap. Just kidding:

Attacks on Asians are disproportionately from blacks. Any rise in their prevalence is likely due to the decay of law & order that has resulted from liberal policy in the Age of Black Lives Matter. But that’s not how they spin it on the news.

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