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Apr 04 2021

Actual Anti-Asian Hate

After a degenerate lunatic went on a rampage against sex workers and killed eight people, most of whom happened to be Asian, the media launched a campaign to convince the gullible that Asians belong in the Democrat Party’s intersectional coalition because they are victims of racism. They are indeed; look at this race-based thuggery in Tacoma:

More, from Charlotte:

Then there is Brandon Elliot, a convicted murderer who was out on parole when he brutally attacked an elderly Asian American woman while making “anti-Asian” statements:

According to the media narrative, anti-Asian violence is a manifestation of white supremacy, inspired by Donald Trump saying that Wuhan coronavirus comes from China. In reality, the attackers are disproportionately black. Inspiration for the violence comes from elsewhere than Donald Trump. For example, in the song “Black Korea,” zillionaire entertainer Ice Cube eggs on his many fans to burn down stores owned by Asians.

No matter. It’s still the fault of white people:

Being woke means being able to believe anything, no matter how pernicious and absurd, so long as it is left-wing.

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