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Sep 27 2020

At Least Kamala Harris Doesn’t Really Listen to Rap

Kamala Harris turns out to be even phonier than we knew — but at least she doesn’t really listen to rap.

Previously, the former prosecutor who threw people in jail for smoking marijuana announced that she liked to listen to gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur while smoking marijuana in college. She was lying; Shakur hadn’t released anything yet when she graduated.

Now CNN’s Angela Rye accidently brings to light that Harris apparently didn’t even know that Shakur died back in 1996 — and she cannot name a single rap performer who is still alive (despite having been reminded a few minutes earlier that she shares a birthday with Snoop Dogg):

If Harris cannot handle even that pathetic of a softball interview without resorting to a smokescreen of cackling, it is no wonder she has been hiding from the press like Biden in his basement.

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