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Sep 24 2021

At Overrun Border, DHS Cracks Down on Border Patrol

The authorities are finally doing something about the chaos at the border. As thousands of Haitian welfare colonists who have been living for years in Latin America flood into our country, Biden’s DHS is cracking down — on the Border Patrol.

Via CNN:

The Department of Homeland Security has temporarily suspended the use of horse patrol in the Del Rio, Texas, sector, a Homeland Security official told reporters Thursday, after stunning images from the scene prompted bipartisan criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis at the US-Mexico border.

An investigation was launched after video of Border Patrol agents on horse patrol aggressively confronting migrants, who are largely Haitian, surfaced earlier this week. Several top administration officials as well as congressional Democrats have expressed outrage over the images, taken by Al Jazeera and Reuters, which appear to show law enforcement officers on horseback, including authorities swinging long reins near migrants who crossed the border near Del Rio.

Examples of CNN’s notion of “stunning images”:

The lie that the Border Patrol was using whips on the invaders had to be revised. Now we are told that agents used the reins of their horses in a somehow threatening manner — while defending the country from a massive foreign invasion of the type conventionally countered with machine guns and mines. Since this invasion is welcome by the treasonous Democrats who invited it, the Border Patrol is now deprived of the horses that helped make their job a little less impossible.

However, according to the Babylon Bee, the Border Patrol will still be allowed to make horse sounds by knocking coconut shells together, in a nod to Monty Python.

The objective of the whip lie was to prop up the narrative that racist white America is oppressing the invaders, just like the slaves of 2 centuries ago. This vicious anti-American spin is explicitly promoted by Kamala Harris.

Liberals’ narrative begs the question of why countless blacks violate our laws in order to come here. But we are past the point where progressivism is expected to make sense. The only coherent argument you hear from Democrats now is “You can’t stop us.”

In contrast to Creepy Joe and Kamala, who supposedly has responsibility for the effectively undefended border, professional race-baiter Al Sharpton has actually shown up in Del Rio. His reception there makes it clear why Biden and Harris stay away:

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Jack Bauer. Hat tips: Not the Bee, Legal Insurrection,


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