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Sep 24 2021

Officer Threatens to Call Social Services Over Unmasked Child

When it comes to Covid tyranny, Australia and New Zealand may be out front, but the USA could catch them. Watch in horror as a cop assigned as a school resource officer threatens to call the Department of Social Services on a parent for dropping off his children at school in South Carolina without pointless and unhealthy obedience muzzles:

Via Yahoo News:

The video was taken during morning drop-off at James B. Edwards Elementary School in Charleston County, the Mount Pleasant Police Department said in a news release. In the clip, the officer is seen telling the parent he will call DSS, or the Department of Social Services, if the children are left at the school.

The implication is that your child could be confiscated by the authorities for being dropped off at school breathing freely instead of suffocating behind a Covid mask.

The Mount Pleasant Police Department explains itself:

“If a parent abandons a child in any situation, notifications can be made to DSS so arrangements can be made for the child’s safety.”

Dropping a child off at school now counts as abandonment, if educrats won’t let the poor kid in without a mask.

Incidentally, mask mandates are illegal in South Carolina:

Face mask mandates have been at the center of a contentious debate in school districts across the U.S. — perhaps none more so than in South Carolina, where state lawmakers passed a one-year ban on mask mandates in K-12 schools earlier this year.

However, several school districts, including Charleston County Schools, impose mask mandates anyway. Rule of law is always among the first victims of tyranny.

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