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Nov 07 2023

Audrey Hale Diary Reveals Moonbattery as Motive

No wonder they have suppressed the manifesto of Audrey Hale, the transsexual maniac who shot up a Christian school in Nashville, killing among others three 9-year-olds. She shares with the liberal establishment the ideology that inspired her terror attack.

Like the Democrats in charge, Hale was not a fan of her fellow Caucasians, to judge by released pages of her diary:

“Kill those kids!!! Those crackers going to private fancy schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertables [sic],” the 28-year-old female shooter wrote in a diary entry dated February 3.

“I wish to shoot you weakass d—ks w/ your mop yellow hair, wanna kill all you little crackers! Bunch of little f—gots w/ your white privileges,” she wrote.

Pour an evil ideology into an unhinged woman who was probably further deranged by cross-sex hormones and the predictable results are tailor-made to exploit for attacking gun rights.

The musings reflect the envy for stable, productive society that is targeted as “dominant” and “privileged” by the Critical Race Theory espoused in many public schools.

Where Hale differs from the liberal establishment is that she wanted her motives known:

[Hale] boasted to a friend before the shooting that she had left plenty of evidence behind making her motives clear. Nashville’s police acknowledged this fact after the shooting.

Nashville Chief of Police John Drake promised last April that her manifesto would be released, but it still hasn’t happened.

The writings may raise questions about why the killing of schoolchildren, apparently based on their race, was not considered a hate crime by the FBI.

The answer:

The shooter, and the children she targeted based on their race, were white.

Now that these diary pages have come to light, the authorities may as well cough up the manifesto at long last — unless it is still more revealing of the effect their toxic ideology has on unstable minds.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.


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