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Nov 12 2023

What Satanists Do When Not Pushing Democrat Agenda

Although they often promote the liberal agenda (e.g., abortion [here, here], transsexualizing children [here, here]), Satanists differ from traditional Democrats in that they are not political 100% of the time. This behavior does not seem to promote the agenda:

A janitor at a New Jersey elementary school went online to brag about how he had contaminated food being served to children with bleach, bodily fluids, and even his own feces in order to get them sick, it is alleged.

Giovanni Impellizzeri, 25, claimed online to be a Satanist ‘doing the devil’s work’, has been charged with child endangerment, aggravated assault and tampering with the food at Elizabeth F. Moore School in the Upper Deerfield School District.

Boasts Impellizzeri:

“They had taco meat before, and I put some … poop in there and mixed it in and nobody knew the difference. They ate the s*** right up.”

Fittingly, the Satanist was arrested on Halloween.

Maybe Impellizzeri’s crimes were political after all. The kids might have been guilty of white privilege, like the 9-year-olds executed by Audrey Hale.

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