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Aug 19 2021

Australia Covid Tyranny Update

It isn’t easy to keep up with events in Australia as the country goes off the rails into abject Covid tyranny, but since the rest of the West is following close behind, we have to try our best.

It is now forbidden in Victoria to remove your mask to take a sip of your drink outdoors. Premier Daniel Andrews of the Labor Party cracks down hard:

Presumably Australians are expected to waterboard themselves by pouring the drink through the mask. Never mind that there is a negligible risk of spreading Covid outdoors.

More Aussie Covid tyranny, presented by New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott:

Elliott’s focus is on preventing protests against Covid tyranny, because such protests are “putting lives in danger.” He has no reservations about “going harder” if that’s what the bureaucrats above him think they can get away with. He encourages Australians to, as he puts it himself, “snitch on their neighbors” so that the police can crack down on people visiting each other. All too many are willing to rat others out, a human failing East Germany’s communist Stasi was famous for exploiting.

Elliott wants us to think of submitting to totalitarian restrictions as “guaranteeing freedom earlier than we expected.” If people do whatever the government tells them, no matter how outrageously repressive, they will get a pat on the head and be given their freedom back — later, when there are no crises real, imagined, or absurdly exaggerated.

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In the race to absolute tyranny, Australia may soon surpass even communist regimes such as Cuba, North Korea, and the source of the virus, China itself.

Australians are doing the world a service by demonstrating how outrageously intolerable the situation will become if authoritarians are allowed to exploit Covid hysteria to their heart’s content. Don’t let their sacrifice be wasted.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and seaoh.


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