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Aug 01 2021

Australian View of Biden’s Mental Decline

Biden’s dementia is so conspicuous, it can be seen from the other side of the world. Australia’s Andrew Bolt recently brought on psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed to discuss some of the more obvious symptoms, including confabulation, which is all the more pronounced in an inveterate liar like Biden.

This is not benign senescence. As Dr Ahmed notes, Biden has gotten steadily worse over past 12–18 months and gives the impression of “just holding on” — both features of serious dementia:

If Biden’s decaying mental condition is obvious from Australia, it can also be observed from China, where Xi Jinping plots to snuff out freedom in Taiwan, as he has already done in Hong Kong. The leadership crisis created by Biden’s potentially catastrophic election may present the ideal opportunity.

On a tip from Jester.


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